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Even when furnished, a room wears a dull look with all those plain walls; it might even get frustrating looking at the same old walls. Choosing the right piece of art to hang on those walls can do the trick and help you refresh your mind just by looking at expressive art pieces on your walls.

Be it acrylic artwork, canvas paintings or a famous surreal art, any form of artwork would not just add color to your walls but to your lives, too. However, it is important that you choose just the right mode and size of the art that you wish to display in your room.

Here are 5 tips that will help you choose the right size of art for your room:

  1. Consider the room:

There is one rule when picking an art piece for your room: the bigger the better! No matter what art form you are choosing, it is important that you choose an art that is large enough to blend in the room and yet, stands out.

A room’s size and its furniture need to be taken into account before buying an artwork; less furniture means a larger canvas is required to fill up the visual space in the room. A small painting in a room with scares furniture would only make it look a mismatch. Also, if your room has high ceilings, it allows for larger pieces to fit in, but if the ceiling isn’t as high, you might want to go for a relatively average sized painting and fit it in the perspective. However, remember the rule, the bigger the better.

  1. Consider the wall:

Once you may have measured the dimensions of the wall, you will want to consider the orientation in which the painting is going to be set. To hang an artwork on a narrow, tall wall, it is best to for a vertical portrait styled painting. And, on a wide wall, mostly in lounges, it is preferable to hang a painting in landscape as it complements the wall and adds significance to the wall.

  1. Consider the furniture and mantels:

Once you have considered the dimensions and the width of the wall, it is essential to look at the furniture that the room occupies. It is important to hang a painting that fits the aspect ratio between the furniture/mantel and the artwork.

The art should be approximately three-fourth the width of the furniture and hung 6 to 12 inches above the top.

  1. Consider a Gallery Wall:

To add color to your wall, consider turning your wall into a gallery wall. Either by hanging several art pieces of different shapes, sizes and even genres to make your wall stand out or simply place a collection of you and your loved ones’ photos and assemble them all to fill your wall. The sizes don’t have to be the same; a collage of different frames is what adds perspective to the wall and it speaks for itself.

  1. Consider your height:

The most important part about hanging an art piece on your wall is the position on the wall where it is hung. You need to consider your height before you make the decision; a painting too high or too low for your vision can make the piece of art seem too big or small to you. Hence, the right way to hang a painting is to keep the center of the frame at your eye level.

May it be your life or your room, anything without art in it makes it dull. Although it is important to add colors and perspective to your life, there are certain techniques to gain full value for every piece of art you invest in. With just a little setting, you and your life can be full of art, love and colors.

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