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Being a beginner, it can be a pretty tough decision regarding which type of paint- acrylic or oil based- is the better option for you. Acrylic artwork hasn’t been around for as long as oil based paintings have and is a much modern form of paint. Nevertheless, the end goal is for the painting to look appealing to the eye; it doesn’t matter which paint is used as oil paintings are bought as frequently as acrylic artworks.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is one that can be used on any sort of medium: paper, card, canvas board, whatever that pleases you! This is particularly good for beginners as they can explore different forms of mediums with acrylics. However, the drying time can be an issue. Beginners tend to be slow making it difficult to work with acrylics as they dry up pretty fast; retarders are available to increase the time taken for these paints to dry. However, it can always be a source of frustration. Since oil based paints remain wet for longer, you can always take a break in between and complete it later as the paint will still remain wet and pliable.

Oil Paint

Oil based paints are ideal if you want well blended paintings. Working on a wet base means that you can create some very subtle looks. However, some aspects of painting require constant re-visiting and sometimes you require crisp edges which can be difficult to achieve on a wet surface. Thus, you’ll be required to revisit the next day. Acrylic paints, on the other hand, can be very hard to blend if your canvas is of a large size due to the fast drying nature. A small size is ideal for creating such sort of acrylic artwork.

Acrylic paint colors do not fade quite easily and will not yellow over a period of time. However, they do change color as they dry up due to which your paintings might not look how you want them to. Oil paints, on the other hand, are prone to any color changes after drying but they do have a yellow tinge to them.

At the end of the day, it is with practice and your decision, to choose the complimentary products with your paint, that you will master the art and produce paintings as good as you want them to look. We are sure they will be so good that people would love to buy oil paintings made by you.


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