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Originated during 40s, abstract expressionism gained huge popularity in 1950s. This subjectively experienced artwork is global kind of art that brings out our very own social to emotional backgrounds, insecurities, and many other life experiences. Usually the rapidly applied paints in abstraction make people call it something entirely meaningless or awkward to understand kind of thing.

From such notions about abstraction, it can easily be deduced that this art form is not for all who claim to be the biggest art lovers. It is for the destined souls having the power to come in line with what an abstract expressionist want to convey. For me, it’s a heavenly art form.

Characterized by gestural brush-strokes and spontaneity impression, this form of abstract art is intense and thoughtful. This wonderful art form is always worth the effort for artists to expose their feelings and emotions to the world.  It does not symbolize the reality and hence not very much clear or obvious. Bottom line is that each piece requires a unique way to understand and comprehend its actual meaning.

Being the nonfigurative or nonobjective art style, expressionism is quite distinctive from conventional arts. What portrait artists generate is traditional art, in which reality of an object is produced. It is far different than modern or contemporary artworks, for instance, surreal art and abstract impressionism. This is because abstract expressionism mainly focuses on the artist’s imagination, thoughts, feels and his expression through emotion using colors and shapes. Artist’s work is entirely dependent on internal source of inspiration and not one the exterior motivation.

On What Abstract Expressionism Actually Depends:

Abstract expressionism is characterized by a powerful dependence on ‘by chance happenings’ or what appears to be accidental. But, in actual it is highly planned. Abstract expressionist artists are often seen to be concerned about adopting a mystical and peaceful approach to an entirely pure abstract image.

Though not all the work is abstract or expressive but the expressive method to paint in abstraction mode is as important as the art oeuvre itself. Every famous art gallery in the world has pretty captive pieces of abstract expressionism. Art galleries in Dubai are also playing great role to promote this art style

The Rising Trend:

Worldwide, many artists are now taking on this amazing art form that was once thought to be confined to Americans only. Suzi S. Nassif is one of the portrait artists in Dubai who also painted in this style and displayed her creations not only at art events in Dubai but also in international exhibitions.  You can say that abstract expressionism is now a trend prevalent as major breakthrough in the conventional art to represent physical objects and any external or identifiable reality.

Abstract expressionism is one of the most fascinating art forms. For the reason that it is far more than merely the study of colors and brush strokes. This art form allows the artists to show their personalities by pure or solely a naturalness painting with no pretension. Mark Rothko, Willem De Kooning, Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock are some of the renowned personalities in abstract expressionism.

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