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We know that the heritage and culture is the core of the national identity of UAE. This is why it is deemed important that there has to be a deep awareness about the need to preserve its culture that forms the basis of an Emirati society. Considering this, the art galleries in Dubai are making continuous efforts to conserve the evolution of art and creativity in this region. We particularly see that there are some exciting developments taking place in the field of arts at the governmental level. In addition, the private sector has also taken a step forward and is supporting the young Emiratis for their artistic future that reflects the protection of the vast cultural diversity in the UAE region.

The art scene in Dubai and in the rest of UAE has grown appreciably during 1990s and onwards where many exhibitions took place at the art galleries in Dubai and the famous artists Dubai displayed their art works along with the works of the international artists. A news for the chirpy art scene lovers is that a lot of popular art fairs take place in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi on the annual basis. Sharjah is a historic district having museums and an art history gallery, along with several other museums that are dotted around the city. Similar art scene can also be enjoyed at the fascinating Bastakiya historical area in Dubai and at the Manarat Al Saadiyat art gallery and museum in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is rapidly growing as an exciting centre for art in the Middle East. The contemporary scene of art in Dubai is truly buzzing. The art galleries in Dubai are one of those free and very cheap major tourist destinations that are real worth visiting to get an insight into the Dubai’s history, culture and architecture. Besides Dubai, the Sharjah Biennial also holds art exhibitions in Dubai and the cultural events which feature the local and international artists. All such events arranged across UAE, keep the art scene alive and colorful in this region. However, after visiting these places, if you still feel like investigating more on the Dubai art scene, then you may even visit a few shops in Dubai that call themselves a gallery while they really are just a furniture or a picture frame shop, yet, some may still have some real interesting stuff for you.

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