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Art is the best source to rejuvenate your soul and wisdom. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes but when it comes about decorating your place, a single error can ruin the entire ambience you purposefully wanted to create. A portrait of semi-nude woman in your office would never be digestible by most of your corporate clients. You need something moderate and elegant there preferably related to your business. Likewise building a gallery wall, in your kid’s room, with major proportion of abstract expressionism artwork is definitely a false idea. Add landscapes and paintings themed on children mindset.

Art is a tool that helps showing your inner aesthetic to world around. But if you pick an oversized art like a huge portrait painting or a landscape then that’s a daring move. It’s impressive to go bold with large art pieces but these should not overwhelm the place by snatching up all the attention and tarnish an otherwise perfect disposition of a lovely room. So carefully buy abstract expressionism art and incorporate carefully in the space available to enhance the room beauty and not to ruin it.

To keep the things visually under control, you have to play vigilantly around the canvas or farmed art pieces. Let’s have a look how you can employ four simple rules to seamlessly slot in an oversized art in your space.

  1. Hang Onto Soft & Subtle:

First and foremost thing is to take into consideration is the selection of artwork. You need a huge one to fill up a big blank wall. Fair enough. What next? Because it will hijack the entire room and might fail to blend in without a glitch. The easiest way is to get an artwork encompassing soft and subtle tone of colors and patterns. It will gently merge with the room furniture and accessories generating a perfect balance.

  1. Pair with Other Elements:

So your purchased art piece is not showing unification with the room scheme. Do not worry. Solution is always there. You cannot replace the canvas but you can change few of the room elements. For instance, you can hang pendant lights alongside your oversized oil painting. Or, you can coordinate the pillows over the couch with the canvas or frame. These little changes will help anchoring your favorite artwork in the décor.

  1. Keep the Accessories Minimal:

Try to keep other patterns and decor elements in nominal proportion. You can go with the solid colored rugs and curtains pairing with the canvas. This means you need to keep the remaining space as much minimal as you can. You can think outside the wall and play with other spots on the room. Wall isn’t the only place to display your art. You can place it on the low bench. Let the creative juices flow and be open to new possibilities.

  1. Look at the Overlooked:

Here you need to work on the negative space often neglected by many people. Fill this space with other décor items embracing your big frame in the room. Do not allow your big piece to dominate the room where the style isn’t minimal in the first place. In that case, you can get a sophisticated feel of an art gallery by placing it next to more artwork in the collage.

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