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Portrait painting is not an easy allusion and it is a highly customized, dynamic process that keeps on developing in its own course. However, there are some top tricks, which are being considered global favorites and are being followed by portrait artists in Dubai and worldwide with great enthusiasm for creating varied visual effects.

Wash Technique

A luxury city like Dubai houses multiple state of the art galleries where almost all eminent portrait artists contribute their painting for display. Most of the Portrait artists in Dubai are seen well conversant with wash technique for drawing portraits. In this process, the artist uses a unique wash for the background and then uses the area for creating large colors.

Ascents can be added by layering the colors through some parallel brush strokes with gradually diluted color shades, and by sloshing the paper for controlling the flow of water. The result mostly comes out stunning.

Wet On Dry Technique

One of the most popular, according to sketch specialist painters, is wet on dry method. This killer trick is used for adding lift-off effect. This color trick is used by applying water and pigment to dry water-colored layers. Once it is done the artist slops the paper so that the water directly sits on it. Letting the water sit on the paper will create concentric loops of pigments over the dry layer and creates a great effect in portrait.

Background Change

If you visit a Painting gallery Dubai you will surely get to see some of the stunning portrait pieces where background change tricks have been used with great mastery. In this process of portrait painting, the basic treatment is applied to impose modification in the background tone so as to convey a different type of mood.

Nowadays digital modification can be added to portraitures and that helps an artist to magically change the entire feel of his painting.

Use of Angling

A portrait painter can add special effect on his portrayal by angling the canvas meticulously. For example, if a painter added a sky in his portrait, the paper needs to be placed vertically other than keeping lying flat. One of the best tricks is to enjoy experimenting with gravity and build a range of positions that gives the best natural effect on it.

Along with this, sometime painters use a hair dryer to get similar results of spot diffusion on their artwork, which adds a special treatment of color on the canvas.

The Fading Effect

The effect of fading is one of the killer effects a painter can add in his portrait especially when crafted in acrylics. This exquisite effect is applied by use of water based inks or the painter can immerse his portrait in water after adding the first layer of color in it.  However, despite the tricks the mastery of brush control and understanding of perspective can really add special effects on portrait to visualize super fine appeal in it.

I loved watching acrylic paintings Dubai with this beautiful effect the last year I happened to be in UAE. Emerging artists should try their hands on this technique to improvise their portrait painting skills.

Happy Portraiture Painting!

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