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‘Eco-friendly Attitude Is a Must-Have for Quality Life’

In response to rapidly changing local to global environmental situations, art exhibitions in Dubai are turning into ‘Green Exhibits’.

Today, not only the ecologists but people from all walks of life including portrait artists are concerned about the ugly face of climate-change. Be it a surreal or an abstract art piece, hundreds of eco-friendly artists working around the world are participating in the movement of awareness about global climatic variations. Some of the renowned names include Bettina Werner, Diane Burko and Alan Sonfist etc.

For environmentally sustainable world, Arab artists are now also making use of more and more natural elements in their conceptual art work.

Dubai-A Desert with Eco-Friendly Attitude:

Every year UAE celebrates ‘Green Festival’. For that reason, I do not think if Eco Art work is absent from any of the art events in Dubai. This is near to impossible thing. Ecological Art is also gaining popularity in Dubai and for the past few years, a great elevation in eco-friendly attitude of people has been observed. See how tamed and spotless the city is in present era.

If Dubai Municipality employees can build and display their eco-friendly creations in an exhibition held in May, 2014 then why not art-associated people can do this. Artists together with the management of art events in Dubai are working hard to promote and maintain the ecological balance in the city.

When people start to live in eco-friendly buildings, pray in Green Mosques and use ecology saving vehicles, change is obvious in their attitude. Residents of Dubai have open and responsive attitude toward the environmental stability.

Eco-Art and Exhibitions on the High Rise:

For decades, Dubai is one of the oldest emirate playing the role of phenomenal host to fine arts connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Now, for about four years it has been transforming into one of the most environment friendly city.

In the course of ‘Green Festival 2014’, art galleries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi embraced the exhibitions where Eco Art, portraits of Mother Nature and paintings of Landscapes etc have been showcased. With focus on eco-related art work, few months back people of UAE again celebrated the Green fiesta and artists again played their part impressively.

These art galleries and this Green event actually connects the people to Eco Art creations. It is the most brilliant way to educate public about the significance of climate sustainability using various forms of ecological art.

Final Thought:

Living in Dubai, UAE you will see a good improvement in your viewpoint towards environmental issues. Eco Art is the best way to promote a healthy attitude among people so that they can take care of their surroundings and keep them clean.