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Surreal art  is more about triggering imagination in a viewer and is known to be inspired from Dada after which it emerged. Surreal artists Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte and Max Ernst are the exceptionally talented artists that have contributed much to Surrealism and surreal art today owes greatly to these artists. I have always admired surreal paintings and hold great respect for surreal art for many known and unknown reasons. Art galleries all over the world exhibit humongous collection of surreal paintings and invite art lovers to have a chance to indulge in the extraordinary beauty and irresistible charm of surreal art.

Here are 5 reasons why Surreal art is the best thing to ever happen to the mankind and the amazing world of art:

Opens doors to world of dreams and imaginations:

It takes highly exceptional capabilities to create imagination just like in dreams and to take your soul out from your body and transfer it to a world of dreams and imaginations. Instigating imaginations requires a surreal artist to know how to strike the right chord and right emotions. This is one of the most admirable aspect of surreal art that it unlocks doors to world of dreams and imaginations and gives you a glimpse of a magical world by a look at the painting.

Goes beyond surreal paintings:

Due to increased popularity and amassed following, surrealism also seeped its way into advertising and did not fail to create a charm there as well. This is one of the main reasons why I admire surrealism because it can be applied to many other fields due to its versatility. Advertisers all over the world have taken the advantage of surreal art to entice their customers into buying their products. So, surrealism is not restricted only to surreal paintings.

Sets your conscious free:

Surreal art is based on principles of psychology and is aimed to set a mind free of conscious control which trigger wonderful feelings. It was influenced greatly by Freud’s model of the subconscious. So, when you observe a surreal painting, you will experience a different phase which will set you free of the shackles of conscious control and you will feel liberated after this amazing experience.

Digital surrealism:

As digital technology created stir in the world, it gave even a more beautiful meaning to surrealism by infusing digital technology with traditional surreal art giving rise to masterpieces. Digital surrealism is the modern form of traditional surreal art by digital surrealism artists. Suzi F. Nassif is known to be a big name in f digital surrealism and her art work is exceptionally talented.

Infusion of facts and imagination:

Taking a real life object and then using imagination to modify it by creating something unreal yet so real is the best feature of surrealism. I love how surreal art is reality based imagination and how it first gives a glimpse of reality and then creates an amalgamation of reality and imagination to create surreal art. Surreal art is, in reality, art at its finest.