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Surrealism was a movement that began in the 1920’s that was mostly concerned with the depiction of false and unsettling images. These pictures obey only the laws of psychology. These are often created with absolute accuracy, the creatures and objects portrayed by these pictures being used to express the desires and wants of the subconscious mind.

The now chances are that you’re stuck with artist’s block and no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to find the inspiration to start a new piece or finish an old one. If that sounds about right, you’re in for a treat because today I will share with you 5 ways to boost surreal art creativity and techniques. Let’s begin:

  1. Take a step back

We all know how tough the pressure can get, so much so that it feels as though all your creative juices have been clogged up. In such circumstances, it’s best to take all step back. Take a break. Take inventory of what you have, how far you have to go. And then just take a deep breath. It will do you a world of good!

  1. Look at some pieces by other artists

Sometimes all it takes to get your creative juices flowing again is to look at some different inspirations, various works by various artists. It is always helpful to look at works from surreal digital artists. Viewing these different techniques and exposure to this wide variety of creative stimuli might just be what you need to kick start your snoozing imagination.

  1. Choose your poison wisely

There are so many manners of surreal art, each varying from the other by a mile. Though art is a free medium, there are some rules even art obeys. It is important to understand which style you are able to relate to, the method you are most proficient with. Mixing it with other styles may work in some experimental pieces. But remember, when stuck, it is only the things and techniques know best and feel most comfortable with that will get you through.

  1. Switch things up

This may sound contradictory to number 3 above, but it’s really not. Switching up styles and going into unknown territory to explore your potential might just be what makes something click and brings you back to what you need to do. Starting a new piece that utilizes a different technique entirely, for example, switching from automatism to dream résumé might give you a much-needed break from stressing out over your original piece and provide you with enough time for inspiration to strike. Because we all know that the more to want things to click, the more they continue to elude you.

  1. Get some help

Lastly, and perhaps the most difficult of all, get some help. It is understandable that it’s not easy to leave your piece open criticism before it has even finished. The mere idea of this kind of vulnerability can drive the artist up the wall. But an outsider’s perspective on your work might point you in the right direction. An outsider’s input can be both brutal and a blessing. It is important to cultivate a support system to help you through such tough times and provide you with creative criticism.

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