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All the great artists have dipped their brushes in oil paint to bring out their inner souls, creating master pieces that have become world treasure.Anyone of us will love to have a Da Vinci, Michelangelo, or a Monet around us, wishing for a star and owing it are two different things.Therefore to Buy Oil Paintings , first we have to characterize a painting. For an amateur with not much art training, all can seem to be beautiful or confusing so the 5 tips that should be looked into when buying an oil painting.

Alluring paintings

As the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as soon as we lay our eyes on any painting, we can feel either attracted to it or confused by it. If you are captivated by the image then it will always be with you.

Technical skill

Although no painting can be measured or compared because each one is representing the artist thought. But technical skill is the most comparable and measurable component of art. Even the works of masters like Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh not all of their works are equal some are more prolific than the others.
If you are an art enthusiast, then judging an art work should not be so difficult. Otherwise go with your gut.

Inherent value

Art is a powerful image not only because of its beauty or talent needed to create it, it can be emphatic, emotional or challenging the norms of any society.

The meaning of the art can be assessed on 5 levels.
When buying oil painting, you should be able to appreciate not only the beauty of it but also its meaning.
Classical image: these are the ones made purely for visual appeal, because the artist has found any a gratifying scene, with no deeper meaning.

Lasting dialogue: where the artist seems to have continued the idea or concept from another painting, like a story telling. The biblical imagery painted by the masters where a story is being told through a brush.
Emphatic or emotional art: where the art brings out the inner fears or moments of sheer happiness.
Metaphors: these are the symbolic images whose true meaning is only understood by the artist.
Finding meaning or emotion in an art can open up new enterprise for you to enjoy the work.


How and what the artist depicts, using the skill, shades and hues to illustrate the inner soul brings the uniqueness in the art produced.  Sometimes it stuns you sometimes it slowly reveals its true meaning.
Factors to look for when buying a painting
A painting is going to be with you longer than your TV or your sofa. So here are few pointers:

  • The art should be well supported by the room. The color, lines , style all should accentuate each other.
  • The art should carry the balance of color through the furnishings to complete the spread.
  • Art collection: combining multiple works of art in different styles and genre makes the whole look interesting.
  • Color palette: depending upon the personal choice, too busy or monochrome, go with your style.
  • Art is a very personal portal of the owner. So buy oil paintings that express you in the best possible way.

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