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For you to value a piece of artwork you must first need to understand it. For you to easily understand a piece of artwork it may be best for you to first explore its context or where it is coming from. Doing an investigation on the context or background of the artists helps you understand what artist involved in that piece of artwork.

How can you assess the context of an artwork?

By knowing the date that a piece of artwork was done you can easily trace how it was made. You may also understand if there was any difficulty involved i.e. artwork pieces that may have been done before the advent of photography (circa 1860). An artist doing artwork during this period must have found more difficulty than contemporary portrait artists.

It is also good to understand the difference between a painting that is abstract or representational. There are those paintings that are usually wholly abstract or can organically be abstract or simply representational (it is symbolic and most of the content in it easily recognizable).

An abstract artwork has very different aims to a representational artwork. This therefore means that these pieces of artwork must be judged differently.

The benefits of art appreciation

There are numerous benefits of art appreciation and some of them are listed below:

  • Art appreciation enables you to be able to delve deeper into a period of history. True artists even those who lived long ago, reflected their way of life during the period of time they lived via their artwork.
  • When you have learned to appreciate art, you can find it easy to attend important art events like the award winning paintings in Dubai or artists showcasing their portrait paintings.
  • When you appreciate art your communication skills also get improved through expression and understanding. Basically, if you appreciate art and you don’t know how to put your feelings into words, you can find it easy to express yourself by way of art.
  • Art gives people an opportunity to learn diverse cultures from all over the world. If you have learned to appreciate it, you also rip in the benefits of learning and appreciating other cultures that come from different artists from all over the world.
  • Art is just interesting and therefore if you learn how to appreciate it you introduce yourself to a new hobby that is fulfilling.

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