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With exclusively unique acrylic artwork and high quality contemporary portrait art, Suzi Nassif joined in the world famous Art Shopping Fair held in Paris, France. Besides giving a warm welcome to the thousands of the emerging and expert artists, sculptures and portraitures, another good thing about this event was its venue. Yes, it was held in the magnificent ‘Museum of Louvre’- The Central Landmark of Paris.
Louvre Museum, a historic monument in Paris is the world’s largest museum with a mind blowing, mesmerizing architecture. It houses the huge collection of great many art pieces ranging from the Roman Sculptures to Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’.
The life of an artist would be incomplete without experiencing the magic of Carrousel de Louvre because it is one of the best world’s museums with paintings, statues, decorative utensils, sarcophagus and much more. Every year it attracts the millions of visitors even if they are not into art.
Suzi Nassif displayed her absolutely beautiful collection, including her sensually enthralling painting themed on Nude Sur-Reality- Floating on Nirvana.
Let’s have a look what else was on the display and earned remarkable appraisal.







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