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Portrait to surreal art, each art form is considered an integral decor element for all private to professional environments. Many people make art displaying mistakes while decorating any place. At least once a while, no one can claim he remains flawless with this job. Everyone makes mistakes. Only the finest souls accept their faults and make all possible efforts to correct them. And do you know what’s additionally good about them? They never repeat the same mistake again.

Below listed are some of the most commonly observed art displaying mistakes that must be avoided. Or else, the entire decor ambiance of that particular place will fall apart. Let’s add perfection.

Break The Monotony:

Many people tend to go after ‘perfect-match’ means corresponding color, pattern and design. Remember, it won’t work appreciably with the artworks hanging on the walls. Opt for contrast and something bold if light shades are much evident in the room.

Spice up your interior decor with paintings owning unconfined color palettes. Try not to blend your art with the rest of the space. Instead, use art pieces to break the monotony just like icing on the cake.

Do Not Hang Too High:

Being ‘tall’ is your family trend. Fair enough, no objection on this thing but, avoid to hang art pieces corresponding to your height. Bear in mind, people with normal to short heights might visit you. And, paintings not in viewer’s direct eye-contact won’t fulfill the purpose of portraying your aesthetic sense and love for art.

I couldn’t stop myself from grimacing as I see art hung too high above my head. It’s merely useless for me especially if its abstract expressionism that needs closer look. Avoid to display your art at awkward position and elevation. Take a walk through your place and evaluate if any piece needed to fairly nudge down.

Every Wall Is Filled Up:

Now this is too derisive. It is good to cover negative spaces in your interior decor with accoutrements. But, this does not justify your approach to fill all walls with art pieces. Yeah, it could be little difficult for art collectors because they want to show their lovely stock to everyone.

Remember, you need less-jumbled spaces for the seamlessly astounding interior decor. Don’t restrict yourself in either way. Get as many paintings as you want and display few on walls while rest in a separate room like a mini art gallery.

Correct The Scale:

What feel you will get on seeing a too small art piece in a spacious room? I am certain you will find it unpleasant. Likewise, too big for small room would be a grave mistake. So, refrain yourself from using the wrong scale.

You can reframe your beloved painting with thicker frame or larger mat to add volume to its appearance. Try not to go out of the room’s scale and get standard sized paintings according to room dimensions.

Fix Properly & Securely:

Nail your art work properly and securely on the wall. One nail won’t be enough and might result in tilting everything whenever the room door is slammed. On the other hand, if painting is heavy then one or two nails won’t bear it leading to collapse with a big bang of mirror break.

Use proper tools and go up with your art piece for safe and impeccable fixture.


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