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Generally, a canvas for people can be defined as any fabric that people use to paint or draw their artwork on, but for artists, a canvas is a platform, a space that is dear to them more than anything in the world. It is their recognition, appreciation, freedom, and their world. From black and white art to coloured pieces; Canvas paintings have been a part of fine art for very long, used as a tool to express the artist and their feelings.

A fresh and blank canvas is like a landscape. You can build upon the beauties of this landscape. Be it a rising or setting sun, any possibility that you can imagine, you can carve it beautifully on your canvas. Some people believe that all canvas are the same, and it is the artist’s work that reflects. But it is not always the case. The choice of canvas is as important as any other choices made by the artist, so here is a guide on what is the best canvas for painting, to help artist narrow down their choices.

  • The most common and basic type of canvas is known as a cotton This kind of canvas is easily available at a very affordable cost. However, the canvas still has some variations and fabrics. In this canvas, the cheapest form of them are the ones that are loosely woven or loosely thread. However, you should choose the one that has the longest strand, and the strongest fibre. People choose this canvas for its stretchable and affordability.
  • Linen is considered to be the best choice for the canvas. It is a superior quality material for making a canvas than cotton. The material provides better stretch, strength and durability. Linen canvas is more absorbent in nature and thus are unlikely to contract or get affected by moisture, or the weight of heavier paints. However, linen is one of the most expensive options for a canvas due to its best quality
  • Synthetic fibre canvases are also a good option for canvases but are not widely adopted as a choice by the majority of the artists, as they are not only non-traditional options but also cannot be trusted with the durability. However, recent technology and milling have made it a more acceptable option. The synthetic fibre is more stretchable and less prone to being slaked or contracted now.

Once you have decided what material you are going to use, there are other options to choose from as well.

Stretched Canvases: These canvases are though an expensive choice but are ready to paint portraits. They came pre stretched and primed, depending on other factors this canvas can also be hung on walls after they are painted

Canvas panels: A reasonably affordable option are popular among artists, as they take less storage space, and less heavy to carry. However, they require framing after painting, unlike stretched canvases.

Canvas rolls are the worst but the cheapest option available in the market. They are not only least convenient but also take more time to consume.

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