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It is important for art to be relatable. The more a piece of art speaks to an audience, the better understood it is. How does art speak? I know it is something out of the ordinary for you. Art communicates to its viewers through the visuals it presents. These visuals bring a new reality to the viewers to which they attribute their own experiences and perception to add meaning. Pop art is modern visual language that many artists speak. It presents the modern and ordinary objects, people, and symbols from day to day life in a new way to the viewers so that they are able to understand the world they live in better. In Pop art paintings you will see soft drink bottlers, sieves, clocks, watches, benches, smart phones and event cigars as symbols of ideas. Some artists are also making use of brands such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, Channel and more in their pop artworks. These objects, brands, items and things from day to day human life are occurring in pop modern art paintings Dubai artists are making because they help the audience in connecting to the ideas of the artist.

Suzi Nassif has also used pop art genre to express some of her interesting ideas. Popularity matters in the modern world. The popular concept of a super man has also been explored in Nassif’s work. Her artwork Super Arab presents an amusing version of the modern super man wearing an Arabian headdress to become culture centred. Interestingly his underwear too is not under the pants. Pop art paintings by Nassif have added to the genre variety in the works of this famous artist. It has allowed her to gauge interest of a larger group of people worldwide.

Many of Suzi Nassif paintings are presenting iconic brands in pop art style such as channel in her painting cocoKarl. The presence of these modern icons brings realism to her works. People are able to connect and find their own emotional expressions reflected in her works. They see the real world shown through her perspective in paintings. The themes in her pop art paintings are yet social and person oriented. She shows the common man’s ideas through her works such as SuperArab and CocoKarl. Suzi is revered for the unique combinations of genre in her works. She has matured in expression of her portraits since 2014 when she focused more on digital surrealism than portrait art. Her Pop artworks present a fresh perspective on the way life is evolving over time and things are changing fast around us. She captures the spirit of the modern age clearly and presents it to amuse her fans. If you are looking to have the best of modern pop art paintings, visit Batroun, Lebanon by 13th October to witness Lebanon’s best art exhibition arranged in Villa Paradiso Batroun, Old Souks. You may write to reserve at today. You will surely enjoy her new as well as old artworks that will be showcased in this event.

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