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Learning new acrylic painting techniques helps any artist to become better no matter whether one is a novice in painting in acrylics or an experienced acrylics artist. For this reason, it makes sense for strategic artists to be able to learn new acrylic painting techniques that keep coming up every now and then. With an expanded knowledge in acrylics painting techniques, an artist is usually able to always work creatively with freedom. For this, it is a great idea for any painting artist to always experiment and try new methods of working with paint.

We highlight for you some 5 acrylic painting techniques you should know about below:

  1. The Drybrush technique

Drybrush is an acrylic painting technique that you can use to add dimension and texture to your paintings. It can be very useful in landscape painting as it best highlights blades of grass or even fluffy clouds. You can also rely on this technique to add highlights and dimension to an under-painting.

  1. Acrylic pouring technique

This acrylic painting technique is a fun and great way to create abstract art. The patterned paintings this acrylic painting produces can easily be enhanced using different pouring mediums. For instance you may want to use fluid acrylics as long you are okay to get a little bit messy but still have some fun experience. At the end of it all, you would have produced an excitingly new work of art.

  1. The acrylic wash technique

There is no better acrylic painting technique that allows you to create transparent layers of colors for a water color look than he acrylic wash technique. The finished product will be set permanently so you need to be careful about the amount of water you will be adding. In order to get things right, it is recommended that you don’t use more than 30% of water as this will help to maintain the vibrant colors of the paint as well its binding properties. Also have a good flow aid medium that will allow you to get a wash steadiness without trading the quality of pigment.

  1. The stippling acrylic painting technique

This acrylic painting technique is often associated with Georges Seurat and Pointillism. It is an easy and versatile technique often applied with stiff brushes thus allowing small dots of paint to be applied above the surface. It is a good choice of acrylic painting technique because you can make subtle color blends to create dimension and texture on any painting just by laying different colors.

  1. The Splattering acrylic painting technique

This is yet another acrylic painting on canvas that allows you to easily splatter some paint just around the place. It may work for you if you are sort of feeling a little uninspired. With this technique, you can do your work with beautiful and vibrant colors and find yourself endless painting possibilities. Splattering with acrylics will open up for you great lengths of imagination and you certainly will be able to create some beautiful pieces of artwork!

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