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The contemporary art in Dubai has seen some rapid changes related to modern art. Although Modern Art came into being with the advent of Realism in around 1850 but time and time again it has been defined and redefined by artists who had their own concepts in this form of art. There are many new styles of this form of art and as on date too, it is still evolving. With the arrival of the machine age, more new artists had their own perspective of the societal changes that have occurred over the years and all this has been captured by them on canvas making modern art paintings for sale a highly lucrative proposition. Modern art largely depends on an artist’s perspective and can be characterized by a non-acceptance of the values that are generally accepted by a lot of people. We look here at some of the concepts in this form of art practice.

  • Early Abstraction and Modern Art – Abstraction is a major theme in this type of art practice. The modern art paintings generally project a lot of abstraction techniques that help them to signify the work. There is more projection on visual sensation rather than depicting a subject in its true and earnest form thereby making it look quite gorgeous. During the initial days of this art form, in around 1875, some paintings were made that significantly proved the point and helped it to be classified as a new form of art. Till this day, the contemporary art in Dubai confirms to these standards.
  • Avant-Garde and Progression of Modern Art – The term avant-garde come from French that literally means vanguard. Vanguards were the elite divisions of the french army in earlier times that used to take the lead and make progression for other battalions easy. Like the military metaphor, avant-gardes of modern art were the artists who were the pioneers of the form. They were the most renowned and successful and to this day, the contemporary art in Dubai follows the tradition. The goal is to continually ideate and practice the art form and question the traditional methods of art. Avant-gardes equate the pas with the present and revalue them so that the best modern art paintings for sale can be created.
  • Modern, Contemporary and Postmodern Art – Contemporary art applies for all of the art forms today but describing it, one would know that this form of art started on and after the 1960’s era that is better known as the post-Pop art era. Modern art experienced the dawn of Conceptualism and contemporary art came into existence. Performance art, digital art, Earth art are all forms of it and a customer can find all these contemporary art in Dubai at the nearest art gallery.

Postmodern art is the resistance to modern art and began with the breakage of modern art during the late 1960’s. Modernism, in all its context, whether it be politics, cultural ethics or social acceptance was rebelled against and a new tradition was sought to be established. It is this difference between modern and postmodern art that one can easily witness at the art galleries of Dubai and the modern art paintings can typically amplify it. Media, technology and video are some of the post modern art features whereas some postmodern movements include Conceptual Art, Performance Art and Feminist art.

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