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The pure Abstract Art is a portrayal of what is being felt from inside as opposed to what is being viewed from the outside. But the modern abstract art is more than just a haphazard flow of paint onto the canvas. It holds a lot of creativity in it through which is meant to turn the heads and reveal new imaginations to the viewer. If we observe it closely, we see that in most circumstances, it is full of vibrant colors and textures. A combination of these art elements makes it as the most liked form of the art being collected today in Dubai and also across the world. At the art exhibitions in Dubai, even a small but a strong piece of art can easily grab the collector’s attention and can pull out an emotional response from him that may eventually push him to buy it.

The abstract art breaks the traditional representation of common objects and familiar subject in the viewer’s eye. It catches the attention of the audience towards unknown things and motivates them to contemplate more on the art work. It does not only distract us with its meaningful images but it stirs our mind to feel more energetic and be involved in the art work resulting in the deduction of the undisclosed.  The art galleries in Dubai offer a variety of such exquisite art pieces where the art does not just reflect a form of realism but it also breaks the set rules. A requirement for such paintings include its shape, lines, colors, patterns with an unrestrained imagination that is used while viewing the finished work. Being artists by nature, we all feel the need to reach inside ourselves and to awaken our unconscious feelings that have long been sleeping. The feelings of telling a story, capturing an image or to illustrate an idea appears to be the universal desire in art representation of the abstract artists. A lot of art events in Dubai show case the hidden talent of famous abstract artists belonging to not just Dubai and middle east but also to  the rest of the world.

The percentage of abstract paintings compared to the other types of work being exhibited at many emerging contemporary art galleries in Dubai is very telling. It allows these emerging galleries to sustain themselves. However, no one wants to mention names and very few of the curators or the dealers would talk about how much of the body of this work strikes them as unoriginal or even mediocre at its best. But still, it is a fact that a lot of people are now buying original art today that is supported by factors such as increase in disposable income, awareness of new artists, understanding of interior design, popularity of the art related television programs, greater amount of information on the original art in the press, increase in the original art at auction and the explosion of new art gallery etc. An overview of the abstract art in Dubai depicts that the art lovers are grossly favoring the abstract paintings in Dubai over the other types of contemporary art for varied reasons, yet this would never undermine the legacy of other forms of artwork Dubai.


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