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If you have been to Dubai, you must have heard people saying that Dubai does not have enough cultures to represent, which is not true at all. Although you cannot find as many art galleries here as you can find shopping malls, but if you look more closely you can find a completely new and brighter side of Dubai which includes art exhibitions in Dubai and a lot of abstract art here.

From the past few years, the impression of Dubai has changed from a city that is obsessed by malls to a thriving culture scene as more and more regional and local artists are coming here.

Now, more big art events are being held in various locations like Art Dubai and Sharjah Beinnel and they play a major role in promoting the artistic side of Dubai.

You can find many emerging art activities taking place here like various art fairs, new galleries being established and much more.

We are going to look at top 3 places for art galleries in Dubai.

  1. Bastakiya: It is located in Bur Dubai close to the Dubai museum. Bastakiya is a historical place and the only one in Dubai. You can come visit here and find the original housing, something that was in Dubai just before the skyscrapers covered it. Here, you will be amazed to find several cafes, and art galleries. You can find many galleries here like: XVA gallery which is the house of contemporary art and Majlis Gallery.
  2. DIFC Gate Village: DIFC gate village is commonly known as a home of art galleries. Gate village organizes Dubai Art Night twice a year where art, film, music and design are combined by various activities either indoor or outdoor. People love to visit here where they can relax and mingle with each other. They get to see the creative side of Dubai in a relaxing ambience. What better way to unwind yourself after a hectic day of work can you find apart from visiting art exhibitions in Dubai
  3. Al Quoz: you can find several gallery offerings in Al Quoz. You will be amazed to find that al Quoz is unlike other parts of Dubai, which is glittering with shopping malls and skyscrapers. Here, you will find cement factories and a lot of dust. Nevertheless, this area provides enough empty slots for art exhibitions to take place. Many art galleries can be found here like Art Sawa, Ayyam Gallery, Flying House and many many more.

So, if you were someone who thought Dubai was only good for its glitzy image, you were wrong. Dubai has proved itself in everything. Go and explore this other brighter side of Dubai and believe me, you will be amazed to find so many art events in Dubai. If you are an art lover, then be sure to visit the places mentioned above. You are going to fall in love with this side of Dubai.

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