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If you are a resident of Dubai or some outsider wanting to explore the beautiful and happening city, you must consider visiting these 3 art galleries in Dubai and I must admit that your visit to the city will not be successful until you visit at least one of them.  After a visit to these galleries, you will come to know that Dubai is not all about tallest buildings, brilliant resorts and remarkable cuisine. Dubai is a city that provides a platform to art lovers and artists as well.

Let’s explore 3 Art Galleries in Dubai and find what they have to offer to their visitors:


ARTSPACE Dubai was founded back in 2003. The art gallery is committed to promote Middle Eastern Art and artists. The global clientele of ARTSPACE constitutes of art consultants, private collectors, architects, interior designers. ARTSPACE has hosted series of exhibitions in the past and the recent one is Hussein Madi: Exhibition of works 2015. The famous artists like Yousef Ahmed, Azar Emdadi and Muhammed Alba have their art work showcased in this art gallery. ARTSPACE further provides consulting to art investors and provides corporate art services to businesses. Another gallery by ARTSPACE opened in London in 2012. Over the course of 12 years, the art gallery that particularly focuses on showcasing Middle Eastern and Iranian art has evolved as the leading platforms for contemporary Middle Eastern art.

Art Sawa Dubai:

Driven by increased passion to provide a platform to regional artists for showcasing their artwork, Art Sawa came into being. Art Sawa is considered to be the biggest addition to Dubai’s on growing art scene. Art Sawa is dedicate to increase awareness and promotion of artwork from not only Middle East but also from South Africa and neighboring countries. Art Sawa has hosted innovative art exhibitions in Dubai in the past such as Affordable art collecting and The Prank. Artists like Rym Karoui, Zena Assi and Sara Shamma have showcased their artwork in Art Sawa. You must visit this art gallery for a better and broader understanding of all art forms.

Ayyam Gallery Dubai:

Ayyam Gallery was founded in 2006 and caters to not only established but also emerging artists in the region. Blue chip art spaces in Dubai, Beirut and London is a series of projects in Asia, Europe and United States have strengthened the mandate of Ayyam Gallery to introduce regional art to worldwide audience. Ayyam Gallery has further taken efforts to document art history of the region. You can find artwork of brilliant artists such as Safwan Dahoul, Ammar Al Beik, Nadim Karam and Farzad Kohan in this art gallery. The gallery has hosted amazing exhibitions in the past such asTranscendental strokes and 99 names. Ayyam Gallery is a must visit for all those who have an increased passion to explore art and study different mediums of art.

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