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There are quite a number of galleries around the globe where one can find original art paintings for sale. These original artworks are the actual works created by the artist and consists of only one copy and it usually costs far more than any of its printed reproductions. However, it is true that modern art prints are more often than not made from taking photographic images or scanning the original digitally and then producing prints of it by one of the several means. Some of the popular means are the commercial offset or the lithographic type of printing, and the one at a time printing method usually carried out on a large format printer like the inkjet printer. The use of these printing formats for reproduction was often used by art collectors whose intention is to resell the art prints of the original art which is almost impossible to find in galleries or in collectors portfolio. So it has never been out of place for artists to employ these printing formats as they have been known to produce very high-quality prints on either the paper or canvas.

There is also a method called Giclee known to be an effective and high-quality method of original art print reproduction, and sells for around a $100 and above, with consideration on size, number, and the artist involved. Art prints were easily done in commercial methods and less expensive where numbers are often required, but the advent of the large format printers about two decades ago changed how this was done. It produced fast, accurate and quality prints of the original art to the art print that ensured that there were always copies of these original art paintings for sale. According to gallery standards, some paintings are relatively affordable, be it art prints or original art. However, an original art can actually cost from a couple of dollars to tens of thousands or even in millions especially if the artist is renowned and globally known. On the other hand, art prints should not cost more than a few thousands or two, even for a well-known artist but then it could fairly be in the range of say between $50 to a couple of hundred dollars in the open art market.

So it can be said that original arts are hand- crafted by the artist and also printed by hand from either a block, stencil, plate or stone, hand- made by the artisan that enables him to produce the desired image. The understanding is that the original art is always considered to be very valuable because they were crafted by the artist but such value cannot be determined by quality alone but also by the demand for it. This also means that there is a disparity in the levels of work quality by the very same artist, and so the more desired and scarce a piece of art is, the higher the value. Another reason for the rise in the value of original art is upon the demise of the artist and since no other artwork can ever be produced by him/ her, the value of the works automatically rises. Art lovers and collectors are encouraged to buy these original paintings for sale either in the open market or art galleries due to exclusivity.

A collectors pride is always to have the original art of renowned artists in their collection and not really the art prints. This invariably improves their profile as collectors, while also adding greater value to the original artworks they have collected over time because these paintings are unique works, created strictly as a print.

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