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Beyond the glittering malls, the UAE which is a global city is home to internationally recognized artists.  With more talented artists in Dubai, many contemporary portrait artists are pushing the boundaries in the subject area.

In order to capture this historic moment, we are putting together a list of some of the most exciting artists in the UAE. Here is a list of who is shaping the portrait artists scene.

Abdullah Al Saadi

Abdullah Al Saadi can paint, draw and create lengthy artists notebooks. His works explore the changing environment and cultural history. He gets inspiration from traveling. He is pioneer conceptual artists.

Mohammed Kazem

Kazem visualizes what he thinks. Despite dropping out of school, Mohammed Kazem has continued to reinvent himself selected contemporary portrait artists in UAE. He dropped out of school citing lack of freedom to express self. Today, he is celebrated as one of the most successful people in art. While serving in the army art was the only way to escape boredom. His greatest desire was to dig into the intricacy of nature things. His career took shape when he began an art workshop for kids.

Ebtisam Abdulaziz

Most of Abdulaziz artwork expresses the changes in her. She deals with the ideas and reality. The mathematics and science graduate believes an artist cannot detach from the events in their lives. She is methodical in her explorations which means she uses the famous surreal art to express her ideas


Tehran born Ramin Haerizadeh collaborates with his friend Hesam Rahmanian and his brother Rokni Haerizadeh to display own creations in Salonlike Studio in Dubai. Sometimes each one of them creates solo work. The trio either collaboratively or single-handedly redefine the limit of their practice to tackle modern day issues.

Suzi Nassif

The Lebanon born artist who now resides in Dubai was passionate about art since she was a little girl. She painted relentlessly. Besides, she took courses in photography and graphic design in order to tap into new areas of artwork. Art is the main outlet for her feelings to tell her unique stories. Her main target is to create living emotions in her paintings. As Dubai forges ahead in art and culture, the Big News is that the Dubai-based Suzi Nassif dominates the scene of portrait painters in Dubai.

Artists’ exhibitions

Ramin not only has a studio in Dubai but stages show around the globe. Suzi Nassif, on the other hand, administers her diversified painting online to many famous online galleries in Dubai, London, Japan, Miami and New York. Ebtisam works are in both public and private collections. Abdullah Al Saadi has exhibited in UAE, Italy, Brazil, and Germany.

Finally, whether they draw inspiration from the environment or culture Suzi Nassif work is more than exciting and a total break from ordinary art. Her work stands out than the rest which is why its grounding is seen in unlocking the power of imagination using famous surreal art. But you know what else she tries to reveal the contradictions of day to day life.

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