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They say that some people do not look at the price tag while shopping and this happens to me only when I intend to buy a Portrait Painting Dubai. Portrait paintings have always caught my attention no matter what art gallery I visit. I still remember even when I was young, portraits could cast an unexplainable spell on me and I used to keep looking at them for hours without getting uninterested or bored. The first portrait painting that I saw was Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and I admire the painting even today as I did when I first saw it. It gives me an in-depth detail of complexity of human emotions and how they are depicted by portrait artists.

Here are top 10 reasons why I admire portrait paintings a lot:

They depict honesty:

The biggest challenge that a portrait artist faces is that the artist cannot add an element of lie or subtleness to a portrait painting. The portrait demands to be painted with true expressions and exact appearance. This the reason that a portrait painting holds such uncanny resemblance with the real person.

They depict courage:

 The self-portrait of an artist is specifically admirable in his case as the artist cannot hide anything and has to create a mirror image of him with all the flaws and imperfections of his appearance. Furthermore, the real feelings can only be depicted by painting the true expressions. This exhibits the courage of a portrait artist to simply go ahead and paint his true appearance.

No imagination needed:

Looking at a beautiful scene, you simply take a journey into the imaginary world but as you look at the portrait painting, you know you are not going to set yourself on an imaginative journey. Instead, you are well aware that there is nothing more real than the portrait in front of you and you simply observe the pure reality rather than imagination through the painting.

You do not need to be an artist to appreciate the painting:

Unlike any other genre such as surrealism or abstract painting, you do not need to have an artistic eye to be able to understand the portrait painting. You simply need to be a human in order to appreciate the perfect creation of a human face on canvas.

Trigger curiosity in the viewer:

As human emotions are quite intricate and one cannot simply look at the facial expressions and make an accurate guess of inner emotions of the person by looking at the outward expressions. It triggers certain kind of curiosity in the observer as he tries to understand the emotions and feelings of the person by looking at the outward expressions.

Portrait paintings are simply the best known way to capture a person’s memory forever in the portrait. Portrait artists all over the world not only make self-portraits or portraits of famous personalities but also paint desired portraits upon demand of the customer. If you want to witness perfection and elegance together, portrait painting is all you need to look at.