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Modern abstract art is referred to the contemporary art started in 1920s with a great shift of ideas and thoughts of artist. Modern abstract art rationalizes the approach of art through different movements and it is considered one of the deepest forms of art. Modern abstract art has its own language and it is based on different forms and shapes to impact the art lovers. Art lovers buy abstract art because they know that the abstract art will contain some deep thoughts and ideas which are somehow close to reality. Furthermore, modern abstract art focuses on the contemporary changes happening in the world and these arts reflect these changes through visual representation and in the form of abstract art. Let’s have a look into different types of modern abstract art:

Abstract Expansionism

Abstract expansionism art is a type of modern abstract art in which the artist does not plan anything before making the art and his creativity is spontaneous in this art. Abstract expansionism art reflect deep thoughts and ideas and the intensity of these thoughts is usually represented through emotions. People prefer to buy abstract art which contain abstract expansionism, because they know that this is a real creativity of an artist on a certain moment of his time when he was feeling something and he painted his feelings in the form of abstract art.

Lyrical Abstraction

Lyrical Abstraction represents soft and romantic abstract art. Lyrical abstraction does not contain any kind of dramatic thoughts and ideas and this type of modern abstract art is preplanned. The artist get ample amount of time to paint his creativity and he usually thinks on every point of the painting in order to represent the true nature of his feelings. Lyrical art contains imagery that allows the art lovers to interpret it and attach some meanings to it.


Cubism is based on symmetrical figures that are subjected to beliefs, ideas and thoughts. At first, the artist needs to channelize his thoughts in order to choose a subject of his modern abstract art. After choosing the subject, the artist break the subject into symmetrical figures and then paint these figures in the form of an art. Cubism is very relevant owing to technology which has explored several aspects of both natural and artificial phenomena. Art lovers especially buy abstract art which is related to cubism because they know that it will contain unique ideas and representations.

Color field

The color field art contains colors as subjects. Color field arts are depiction of creative ideas in the form of colors on a plane canvas. Different layers of colors are spread on the canvas and then a specific shape is formed which is profound reflection of thoughts and ideas of an artist. Color field arts are considered as one of the most popular types of abstract art and people love to buy abstract art with different color combinations which form a specific shape and represent several ideas.

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