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Different textures, techniques, and styles are adopted by artists to enhance the beauty of acrylic paintings. Acrylic artwork is the highlight of art galleries in Dubai and many other countries. Acrylic paints are water soluble but become resistant once dry. Art students are now more motivated to focus on the acrylic techniques in their work. The trend of acrylic paintings is growing faster and people from all areas of life show interest in it.

Acrylic experts work so hard to improve the techniques which used to be associated with oils, are now possible with acrylics too. You can visit different art events in Dubai to get a better understanding about the use of acrylics. These water resistant paints are not only used on canvas but you can use them on mediums like wood and glass. If you are new in the world of art and you want to work with acrylic paints, here are some techniques which will help you to understand how to use acrylics to enhance the beauty and creativity of an art piece.

Dry brush technique:

Using acrylic paints for the first time? Try it with a dry brush on the canvas. It will create a current effect on the canvas as lines can be seen if you do not dilute it with water to give it a soften touch. This technique is purposeful if you want to maintain a painterly touch in your painting. It also provides a static movement to the lines and shapes in the painting.


When you use a completely wet brush, it becomes easier for you to flick the paints on the surface of canvas. It will give your painting a splashing uneven effect. This is a great idea for creating an abstract scenery or a cloudy night. This technique adds a rich texture to your work. You can use many colors in one painting and still your painting appear to be balanced.


This is the most fun technique while using the acrylic paint. Take a piece of sponge or a paper towel and dip it into paint. Apply it with softer hand. It adds a richness and movement to your painting. You feel like your art piece has feelings to express and interact with you. You can create trees, grass, waterfalls and starry nights with this dabbing technique.

Using a Palette knife

Applying paint with palette knife is a technique used by experts but beginners can also try it as it is the easiest way to create a balanced artwork by using acrylic paints. This is an advanced technique of applying acrylic paints on canvas and other mediums. It’s easier for a new artist than using paint brushes for creating a mesmerizing artwork.


This is the most important technique which adds elegance to your work. A very thin brush is used for detailing the smaller and even larger paintings. It is more useful if you are planning to create human face features as little lines, dots and strokes to enhance the beauty of eyes, nose and lips. In acrylic painting Dubai, detailing is a much-highlighted feature. These are some basic techniques to step in the acrylic art world. There is a lot more to know about it and implement it in your work to attract the people towards art. Acrylic paintings are in demand due to these latest techniques. People use acrylic artwork to enhance the appearance of their walls.

If you are interested to buy acrylic painting in Dubai or anywhere then you must know that an artist should be clear about his ideas and how he can play with colors to create something unique and eye-catching. Art exhibitions are arranged by different art galleries in which world’s renowned artist present their work, it’s an opportunity for beginners to visit these galleries and to know about the techniques used by experts.


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