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Suzi Nassif is one of the few female artists hailing from the Middle East who have effectively told the world that even women can do well in art. Being born in a country that was at war and at a time when women were not given as many opportunities as men proved quite a challenge to her but she managed to overcome all the odds and became what she is today. She is now a celebrated artist and to be precisely one of the few surrealist artists you will find in Dubai and the Middle East as a whole.

Imagine Suzi managed to get her early education in a war ravaged country at a time when women issues especially education for women wasn’t that easy. Against all the odds she managed to get her secondary education in Lebanon, her country of origin before she moved to UAE. She then went ahead and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the American University in Dubai. Due to her passion for literature and art, Suzi took a number of courses in graphic design and photography. Suzi has participated in many art expos in Dubai and she has excelled at displaying many of her conceptual artworks.

Ever since Suzi discovered that art was flowing in her veins and blood she has created some of the best art awards both in Dubai and also abroad. Among some of Suzi’s amazing artworks include those involving surrealism. Even though Suzi’s artwork has been broad in talking about various aspects of humanity and general social life there are some of her artworks that are a celebration of the Eastern spirit. Yes some of her artwork pieces such as; I am the queen of desert, Hagar the dream catcher, the phantom of the desert, and rebel heart are an expression of her belief in the Eastern spirit. These pieces basically talk about the Eastern culture, way of life, and general life of the Middle Eastern people. If you take a look at her art piece known as the ‘Rebel Heart’, it depicts a lady who looks like one of the women from the Middle East nations but is passionate to establish her individuality as a rebel. The portrait seems to show viewers that women from the mid east have been able to defy all odds to get to where they are today.

Another special artwork done by Suzi that clearly shows her strong Eastern spirit is the ‘Hagar-the dream catcher’. The portrait presents a woman with determination and individuality – someone who takes a strong stand for her belief, aspirations and ambitions. This is yet another work of art that clearly revolves around the theme of women’s individuality and need for recognition for their aspirations. Another work that also shows her Eastern spirit is the one known as ‘I am Queen of desert’. The image of the woman shown on this artwork is a true testament of Suzi’s commitment to her Eastern roots and her love for fellow Eastern women and the efforts they have made in their various spheres of influence albeit the difficulties they face in this region of the world.


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