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Are doodling, drawing or painting a real mean of happiness?

The question is in the air: Is the creative practice of art making us happier? The question is focusing on the relationship of happiness with creative artistic practices. But the point is, if art is really a means of inner peace, what about the all less happily ending stories of the artists? Don’t you think art is the outcome of inner pain and disappointment? Which of these contrary beliefs is true? What is the actual psychological impact of art on a frustrated and depressed mind?

It has been declared a long time ago that art helps a lot in making a person happy and relax. Experts have observed that a greater level of creativity breeds a high level of happiness. The process of creating an art piece is a pleasure in itself. Another recent research from the University of London has examined that art is directly linked with the increase or decrease of Dopamine and its functions in the front cortex of the brain. With the increase in dopamine, the feelings of pleasure increase and so do the soothing effect on mind. This increase in the dopamine also develops the feeling just like the one is developed during romantic love time. Additionally, a sight of an entertaining art work boosts up the sensations in mind in no time.

We eventuate our lives with a playful and happy mood, but with the passage of time, the time to time events, ups and downs and changes in relationships make us lose the sense of childhood wonders and happiness. This loss results in the increase of depression that can turn into an adverse condition if not treated properly. To the fact, in today’s life every person is depressed to some extent. A depressed mind is always full of thoughts and gets no chance to rest.  The latest researches on happiness have formulated the concept of “happiness with art therapies” and their impact on a depressed mind. Art is an exclusive from of presenting your ideas and communicating how one is feeling. It is a form of therapy that is based on the concept that a creative work can also be healing. It is also believed that painting increases the self-perception and helps to recognize the hidden factors of our personality. There are different forms of art like abstract, oil paint, etc., but each of them is nothing more than a visual internal sketch. A portrait artist uses Art as a means of sharing his internal feelings and take the random thoughts out of his mind, give it a break!

Art is a way to express your hidden feelings and thoughts that are difficult to be expressed by any other means. 

If one is not able to convince the inner person to work with any art form, it is best to visit any famous artist website like to view a huge variety of art pieces or buy abstract expressionism art from any of the art selling platform, and give his mind a thoughtful time to listen to the silent words of others.

 If you are feeling depressed and want some relaxation, do not forget that the two factors of happiness that have influenced life of an individual for many eras via art are the capacity to search for joy in creativity. The second one is the ability to sever yourself with relaxation and pleasure by manufacturing aesthetic as well as useful objects. This is also revitalization, it is healthy as well as a practical exercise.