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Keep improving:

There is a popular saying that “At whatever level you reach, getting better never ends”. It applies to the artists too. It is important for the artists to keep improving their skills if they want to become better in their field and want more recognition. Being an artist, if you improve yourself then you will surely observe this improvement in your work. Being an artist is not by chance but by choice, so you will get satisfaction after observing improvement in your work.

Best exercises to improve:

Here, I am going to list some exercises which are beneficial to artists in improving their technique:

1: Practice as much as possible:

The first tip is to practice as much as possible. Practice making sketches of different things. And try to compare them to the work of great artists. This will help you in realizing the weakness in your work and you can easily improve your technique based on this comparison.

2: Try all the stuff available in the market:

Visit all the shops offering arts and crafts stuff in your area. Check all the stuff they are offering and try all this stuff. Changing the pencils and their shades can make big difference in your work. Try the pastels and crayons of different qualities and brands. Some brands resemble each other in the quality of stuff but the results are different on paper. Try all the stuff and choose the one which fits best in your work.

3: Practice on specific handbooks:

There are various handbooks available to practice drawing on specific subjects like flowers, landscapes etc. Buy such books having exercise of your interests and practice drawing on them. In this way, you can improve your coloring as well as shading skills in specific area of your interest.

4: Draw your observations:

If you are on a trip or travelling, you can start drawing the observed things. This could be anything like a still vehicle having different shades of Sun on different parts of it or a beautiful landscape of a city. Try to get the sketch as close to the realistic view as it could be. This way you can improve the realistic features in your drawing. Observe the differences in the realistic view and the picture you have made. And try to improve these minute features. They will make a big difference in the quality of your work.

5: Follow some great people:

Internet is beneficial to anyone and you can also harness the benefits by following the great people in your trade. There are some generous experts who share their experience in arts with others on YouTube and social media networks. You should follow them and understand each and every advice. There are some experts who share tutorials and you would surely improve after following their methods. But just don’t copy them instead focus on developing your own style and adopting the tips and tricks shared by them. In this way, you will remain original.

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