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An Art represents a piece of creativity by an artist. Artists need to display their artworks in order to receive appreciation and to sell their works. For this purpose, art galleries provide great platform to artists. Nevertheless, it is not very easy to approach art galleries and to receive recognition for artworks. Artist must know the tactics to approach art galleries and to initiate a process of display and selling of their artworks. Here are some of the tactics that an artist must know to sell or display his artwork:

Find a Gallery that best suits your work

At first, an artist needs to find an art gallery that best suits the genre of his work. It is pertinent to mention that specific art galleries sell specific arts and all art galleries are not meant to sell every kind of works. An artist must search the market and get information on several art galleries within his area and then he should decide that which art gallery is suitable for selling his work.

Try to Develop a Relationship with the Art gallery

An artist must try to create a relationship with the art gallery. The artist must subscribe to the newsfeed and promotions of the art gallery. He must also go to the events arranged by the art gallery so that he could meet and greet people in person. The artist must try to give inputs during the events and he must also give his business card to the attendees. The artist must also respond actively in case any person from the events contact him in future. These tactics would help the artist to maintain his presence for the art gallery and also for other artists and potential buyers.

Presentation of Artwork

An artist must present his art work through attractive ways. He must explain his art work to the art gallery and he must know the technical aspects of his work. He must convince the art gallery management that his work would bring profits to them. He must also tell them that how his artwork is relevant to current choices of the audience. All this process needs encouragement and consistency, but once it is done, it would bring immense benefits to the artist.

Setting up a contract with the art gallery

Art Galleries make contracts with artists in order to maintain a hassle free working environment. The artist must analyze his past experience, creativity level and profit level in order to enter into a contract with the art gallery. All these things bring bargaining power to the artist but if he is at the initial stages of his career, then he must not bargain high for his work. In this situation, he must comply with the profit ratio set by the art gallery. On the other hand, if the artist is in strong bargaining position, then he must take full advantage of it.


The selling of an artwork is not a cake of piece. It requires immense hard work and consistency. New artists usually find it more difficult to persuade an art gallery to display their art works because an art gallery will not be interested in the artwork if it do not expect any gains from it. Nevertheless, above mentioned tactics are helpful to convince the art galleries to display and sell the artwork.

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