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Digital art is a work by an artist that makes use of digital technology for instance a work of art that is made with the help of computer or some other digital medium. Digital art comes under the broader term of new media art.

Digital art has made its way into every art gallery in the world and in art galleries in Dubai. It has profoundly impacted painting, sculpture and sound art. Commonly speaking the digital artist is an artist who makes use of digital technology to create a piece of art.

Digital art is used prevalently in advertisement making and film making for creating visual effects.

In digital art, drawings are produced on a piece of paper and then modified through the use of digital medium. Photo editing and modifying and creating 3D characters are all forms of digital art.

How digital art is different from traditional art?

Although digital art differs significantly from traditional painting and drawing but owing to the fact that it requires creativity and impeccable knowledge of art, it is also a popular form of art of the digital times. The ease of digital art is that you can conveniently undo the action but in traditional painting you cannot always undo a stroke of a brush.

Evolution of Digital art:

Prior to the invention, an artist’s role was limited to depicting and portraying the real world but as the camera was invented then photography started doing the job. This redefined the role of artists. They started painting using their own imagination. Abstract art was surely a giant leap towards evolution of art.

Through the use of digital mediums, digital art can bring revolution to the world of art as it provides the artist, accuracy speed and the ability to undo and redo your actions with more versatility than traditional painting.

Types of Digital Art:

Digital art has many kinds given below:

Graphic illustrations:

Graphic illustrations are used in logos, advertising, brochures and posters.


Illustrations are used in books, websites and comics.

3D models:

They are used in movies, animations and video games

Digital photo artwork:

Digital photo art work is used in advertisements and in making posters


Creation of graphics and characters


Characters and background graphics creation

Digital artwork requires the same mix of right brain and left brain that is requires in traditional art. The impeccable balance of emotions and accuracy is needed in both to achieve a master piece. It is an amalgamation of technology, art, math and science.