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The artworks of Suzi Nassif carry strong surrealist approach. Surrealism was a movement that brought changes to art when a group of artists in France started believing they need to take inspiration from the artists in past and blend it with their unconscious. This was their way of unlocking the imagination so that they could create a new surrealist reality. She has been inspired by many surrealists in the past such as Salvador Dali and Farida Kahlo. Her inspiration from the work of these two artists brings forth some of the great pieces of art such as Fridalism, Fridagogh, FridaMingo and Dalimmortal.

There is a strong blend of the unconscious and the non-traditional in Suzi’s canvas paintings. She presents objects away from their normal function and she brings those masters of art to her canvas. Artists such as Frida, Mingo, and Dali have made their mark through their creative work and unique perception of the world and life. They come together in different artworks of Suzi such as Mingo and Frida are painted together in FridaMingo. The bright colors and lovely roses and daisies in the painting reveal the beauty of life as Mingo saw through his work and Frida brought to art. It is noteworthy that Frida’s work has always been full of colors and vivacity because she loved her personal image and admired life for its vitality and beauty.



Just as Frida has been painted in many of her artworks, Suzi has revived the memories of Dali in many of her works. There are many paintings that reveal her inspiration from Dali. She shares her love for innovation and radicalism with Dali. In order to show her love for his work she has painted Fridalism, Dalimmortal and Coco Dali. In Fridalism, Dali and Frida Kahlo are painted half faces and are presenting Suzi’s perception of them as great icons of radicalism. In Coco Dali Suzi presents Dali’s still objects as symbols along with his portrait. His scissor and melting clock are shown. Dali used melting clocks in his artworks to present the idea of how time flies away and does not stay the same. He also reveals the importance of memories through melting clocks.


Suzi’s work is reviving the old masters of the surrealist art movement in her acrylic artwork. She brings her personal touch of innovation and her personal symbols to the portraits of these masters so that her audience understand her modern perception. She is known for adding her own colors to the old faces. That is why Nassif says, “When I was painting Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, I couldn’t help it but splash different flavours and colours onto the canvas. It’s like the theory of cause and effect. I paint the Mexican artists Frida Kahlo, the effect is mostly red and green and colourful. If I paint an old man, unconsciously the colours are black and white and shades of silver! It’s a psychological process”. It is true that the personality of each of these icons help her determine how she will present their portraits to show to her audience how different each is from the other.

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