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One of the many reasons to fall in love with Dubai is its numerous colorful delights. The city is literally filled with awe-inspiring sites that promise visitors some of the best and most memorable moments of their lives. In literal sense of the word, Dubai has endless astonishing opportunities for the visitors with different tastes, preferences and moods.

In addition to being famous for its tall buildings, posh localities, luxury beaches and restaurants; Dubai is distinguished worldwide for its exquisite catering to people with a highly sophisticated taste of art and paintings. Abstract art in Dubai is recognized on a global scale for standing out among the best in all of major international cities. The city has hosted and continues to host numerous enthralling art exhibitions in which masterpieces of some of world’s finest and most authentic artists are put to display. Dubai is specially known for the kind of abstract art it showcases time to time.

Abstract art is such a form of art in which the artist employs an ocular mode of expressing a shape or a form that does not relate to the natural world as known to us. The idea of abstract art is not the same as the works of Pablo Picasso because abstract art does not have anything to do with what is called conceptual realism. The abstract is primarily focused on what we observe in our routine lives such as color, shapes, sizes, scale etc. ‘Non-objective art’ is another name for the abstract art. While in its initial phases, abstract art was often remembered as the kind of art style that rebelled with the long established traditional artistic approaches.

Abstract art has acquired emulating popularity among the residents and visitors of Dubai which is evidenced by the arrangement of numerous art exhibitions taking place in the city from time to time. There are multiple well established and internationally recognized galleries in Dubai that exhibit and sell some of the finest pieces in abstract art created by world renowned artists. The capital of UAE is frequently visited by art creators and art lovers from around the world. This makes Dubai emerge as one of the best places on earth to exhibit and buy abstract art paintings. Dubai offers many spending opportunities to the interested customers and artists to come forward and display their works giving boost to their careers.

As Dubai has come to be recognized among world’s major cities, many artists from different parts of the world have made it their home. There are quite a number of famous artists currently residing in Dubai. Suzi Nassif is one of such artists. She is acclaimed on an international level for her master paintings in abstract art. She owns a famous art gallery in Dubai exhibiting an eye-catching collection of her masterpieces that she has drawn over the years. Her impressively outstanding paintings have won her multiple prestigious awards. She won the universal artist award in 2015 and was nominated for Palm Art Award in 2016.

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