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Dubai is well known for its awesome skyscrapers and glittering malls that usually attracts a different kind of tourists from different parts of the world. Dubai is also home to some of the best portrait painters you will find in the world. Yes, Dubai boasts some of the leading and famous portrait painters who are respected in the art world. In this article we explore some notable and famous portrait painters in Dubai.

Hassan Sharif

He is a famous Dubai portrait art painter who is now aged 65 years old but with lots of amazing portrait works of art pieces to show. In fact some of his riotous art paintings are on show at the New York gallery. He was born in 1951 in Dubai and then he went to art school in London later returning to his native home of Dubai 1984. When he came back home to his native land of Dubai, he found calligraphic art was what defined the art scene in Dubai. He revolutionized art in Dubai and brought a whole new dimension of Western art concept. Today thanks to him, Dubai portrait art is well appreciated everywhere else in the world.

Suzi Nassif

She is a Lebanese born artist who is now based in Dubai who deals in among other things surreal and portrait art paintings. Indeed she has risen against all the odds to become one of the leading and famous Dubai artists. She is gifted naturally and she has done amazing works of art both in Dubai and even abroad. She is an award winning artist and her pieces of artwork are on display at some of the leading art galleries in the world. If you need to buy original modern paintings by Suzi Nassif, you can visit her official website at

Abdullah Al Saadi

He is another conceptual artist pioneer in Dubai who worked hand in hand with Hassan Sharif and other artists to revolutionize the Dubai art scene. He creates various pieces of portrait art which have been put on show in various art galleries in native home of UAE and even in other cities such as Venice and Sao Paulo. He is part of the art inclusion show group known as Here & Elsewhere.

Mohammed Kazem

Mohammed Kazem is aged 47 years old and he boasts of amazing artwork pieces. He was nurtured by Hassan Sharif but he has been able to stand tall and prove his worth by creating quality pieces of artwork which have been loved by people not just in his home country of Dubai but also in other parts of the world as well. Besides portrait art paintings, Mohammed also deals in other forms of art which include; photography, video installation, and performance. Some of the notable places he has taken his artwork to include; Havana Cuba, Venice Italy, and Doha in Qatar. He is an amazing artist who has an amazing potential and certainly there just still much to still expect from him.


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