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We live in an era where life has become inexplicably materialistic. Humans all over the world have practically turned into machines and are working day in, day out just to make the two ends meet. The consequences of such a hard work have been pretty severe on our physical and mental health. Thanks to hectic life schedule of individuals, the humanity as a general has become aggressive, passionate, and less tolerant than we used to be before the dawn of this object-oriented age.

How to normalize life in the face of such all-encompassing profanity? Taking a break and connecting with nature are just one of the many means to do that. However, it is still not possible for many people to travel and enjoy what lies for them in the natural world. Art seems to be the finest solution to their problems.

Art is a simple yet powerful way that can bring humans into synchrony with the satisfaction they’ve long lost in the struggle for materialistic gains.

How is Art helpful?

There are a number of reasons art can turn our lives for betterment. Art has a profound and healthy influence in affecting the opinions of the society about life. It injects and disseminates positive values in peoples’ lives. The deepest and the most sensual way in which art brings inspiration to a human is by generating a new, and a healthier perception of his or her self.

Art bridges gaps, and boundaries among different classes, races, and nations of the world and it brings them closer to each other. It communicates to each other the feelings, sensations, ideas, and fears through the use of pictures, sounds, and videos. Art in this sense is a wonderful way to eradicate misconceptions and misunderstandings about one another.

The human brain has been found to be influenced by art directly. Studies have suggested that students who took part in artistic activities such as drama, music or Art Events also performed better in mathematics and literacy. Scientific evidence backs the fact that art furthers the functionality of brain. The research expanding over the course of decades has demonstrated that education in arts improves the academic performance and also develops the emotional sense of the students. Art has been found to enhance creativity among students and put emotions to a balance.

Studies on physiological and psychological implications of visual arts on human brain have demonstrated that it has an extremely pleasant effect on stabilizing the feel of distress, anxiety, and depression. It helps individuals release the intense and stressful thoughts.

Art is a highly useful instrument in defining the collective behavior of society. Through depictions, images, sounds, poetry, music, and videos, the popular artists influence the thought patterns and attitudes of society towards issues such as democracy, corruption, feminism, politics, and many more! The works of an artist can play a central role in developing a healthy, progressive, and sane society by portraying life into the light of positive ideas and reflections.


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