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Artist does create art which is very appealing for the viewers and collectors. Do you know what must be the motivating force behind their success? Once an artist starts to create art, he/she has some inspirational thoughts and beliefs that are revealed in work. Suzi is one of the most creative contemporary artists who is inspired by four great artists: Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Da Vinci, and Picasso. Suzi’s art work is extremely inspirational for many people but before understanding these great canvas paintings you have to understand and observe why Suzi is inspired by these great artists. Here are some facts about these four masters that may connect your understanding of Suzi’s art to the ideas and skills of these artists in history.

Van Gogh’s work has inspired Suzi in many ways. His simplicity and love of symbolic objects are evident in her work too. Vincent van Gogh is one of the most excellent and enigmatic artists popular for his Dutch paintings. He was born in March 1853 to July 29, 1890. His work was known because of its beauty, color, emotions, and expressions, which were adored by audience in the 20th century and are appreciated even today. Vincent van Gogh was also considered virtually unknown and he remained poor throughout his life.

Vincent van Gogh accomplished more than 21,000 paintings in his life; 1300 watercolors, 860 oil paintings and many drawings and sketches. His painting “Irises” was the most expensive painting in the world which was sold out $53.9 million. His second most expensive painting was “Dr. Gachet portrait” which was sold according to record for $82.5 million.

He started his career by observing and analyzing the prints and reading the manuals and books. His method and practice dragged him to be a great painter. He learned the first basics of drawing and illustrating landscapes. Van Gogh drawings were admired even when they were without colors. He drew a diversity of paper types by using any material available. Suzi is inspired by Vincent van Gogh a lot and she has painted Frida Gogh which is acrylic painting on canvas. The work makes use of Gogh’s sunflower and his half portrait image blended with Frida Kahlo.

The second artist Salvador Dali is the most known and popular artist around the world famous for creating a new genre in his art (surrealism). He was famous for his strange and bizarre paintings. Dali reveals strong influence of the ideas, and thoughts from the Renaissance period. Dali was passionate about luxury and style. There were various exhibitions, sculptures, photography exhibitions and short films where he collaborated with another artist. Dali delivered many art lectures around Europe but he was more famous when he drew “The Metamorphosis of Narcissus”, “Landscape near Figueras”, The Great Masturbator and “Dream caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening”.

This famous surreal art shows his extreme symbolism. Dali also created many lithographs, graphic arts, and etchings. Suzi the idealist artist shows the reflection of Dali work in her work. Moreover, Suzi portrays modernism in his artwork like Dali. Her painting “feudalism” (acrylic painting) is the most ideal painting of one eye bizarre. This painting shows that how Suzi is strongly influenced and shows the new genre in her art the same way as Dali does in his artwork.

Everybody knows Da Vinci was the most famous painter who created “Mona Lisa” the most inspirational painting ever. Da Vinci uses soft and gentle shadows in his paintings, his paintings outline and facial expressions are not most probably clear. He was used to blending the variations in color and tone. Leonardo’s Da Vinci uses the technique to soften the colors, shades, and edges with the dark colors. Suzi’s one of the beautiful painting ABRALISA is inspired by Leonardo’s Da Vinci.

The fourth master, Picasso, was known as the realistic artist who adopted a realistic style in his most of the paintings. His paintings were inspired by his loved ones like the “The Altar boy and portrait of the artist mother” later on, Picasso appeared entirely showing realism in his paintings. He mostly used colors which are clear and naturalistic. Further, he was portrayed sad paintings after his close friend’s attempt at suicide. This was known as his blue period. Suzi Nassif, inspired from Picasso, adopts his neutralism style in most of her paintings.

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