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Oil paintings are sought after by contemporary art lovers and art collectors alike because of their infinite capability to reflect emotional depth and showcase intricate details. Throughout history, some of the most celebrated, iconic pieces of art were painted in oil such as The Starry Night, Mona Lisa, and The Scream by legendary artists.

Evaluating and buy oil painting could prove to be an intricate process due to their complex structure and abundance in minute details. In an attempt to make this task easier, we are going to lay down few basic foundations that you should follow when buying oil paintings in Dubai.

Choosing an Oil Painting:

Since the realms of art are so vast and it is impossible to encompass its contradictive facets into one artwork, it is purely up to the purchaser to choose and buy a particular painting. Despite that, few technical elements should be taken into accounts such as color, texture, light, shadows, and shapes.

As long as the two pieces of art you are comparing between belong to the same school and represent the same philosophy, it is fair to make a comparison and choose the one you prefer the most.

Hand Painted and Giclee:

It is entirely up to the taste of the buyer whether they elect to buy a hand-drawn painting or a giclee, but it is imperative to learn and understand the difference between the two techniques to make an educated purchase.

Hand-drawn paintings are simply pictures painted using oil colors on a canvas. They usually reflect the natural flaws of each artist. Gliclees, on the other hand, are enhanced digital copies of the original painting printed for sales purposes.

Techniques and Conditions:

While having a technical, artistic background is not a prerequisite when you are buying oil paintings, having a general idea about the various painting techniques artists use and how each method affects the condition of the painting is necessary.

For instance, after the artist sketches his drawing onto the canvas, he then thins the paint and adds another layer over the original design. The thinning continues to grow as the artist works which allows for thorough drying and guards against cracks.


Most paintings are sold without support which means that you will have to prepare a wooden frame and create your stretcher. Paintings are typically mounted on linen, but recently more art collectors switched to cotton because it is less expensive. When buying artwork created with oil paints, take into account that you will have to purchase and prepare support beforehand.

Final Thought:

Buying good oil paintings is not a difficult task to accomplish as long as you understand the basic concepts mentioned above. When careful planning and thorough research, placing a value on any artwork can become second nature to you.

Art is spreading and finding oil paintings for sale wherever you are easy. The number of art galleries is increasing in Dubai and other big cities around the world. Also, art exhibitions such as World Art Dubai are being held annually, so you have a lot of opportunities to view and acquire outstanding pieces of art.


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