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If you want to decorate your home or want to give it a makeover, you can start doing this by adding more paintings, and artwork in your home. Trust me, this will bring a new face to your home. However, keep one thing in mind that you don’t need only one type of painting to decorate your home, use variations. For instance, go for surreal art, abstract art, go for oil paint, water paint and anything you like. One other factor to keep in mind is that the painting style should match the interior of your home. This is the reason why modern and contemporary houses should always opt for modern art only, until and unless the house interior is a mixture of different styles.

One of the types of modern art is abstract art, and you can beautify your home with abstract paintings. Mostly, people find difficult to grasp the idea behind an abstract art, but this is the beauty of it. At times, there might not be any meaning behind the artwork, just random colors playing it together.

Although the best place to place abstract art paintings is museums, but they don’t look bad hanging on your home walls as well. You can choose from a wide array of modern or abstract art for your home. For example; you can go for the white and black trends that though may look simple, but are elegant as well.

Make sure before you choose an artwork for your home, you know where you want to place it. Once this is done, think about the dimensions. Let’s say you plan to hang the painting on the wall behind your sofa in the living area and the room is of average size. So, decide something that isn’t too big as it will spoil the beauty of the painting. Dimensions must not be ignored. Although oversized paintings are popular you don’t need them if you don’t like them.

I have come across many people who are afraid to experiment with colors. My advice for them is to try new things, experiment with colors. I agree some of you may find it difficult to leave your comfort zone, but you need to try at least. A good artwork can change the perspective of a room and make it more cheerful while a bad choice can just do the opposite.

The type of paintings you use in a room can help you create a color theme for that respective room. For example; If the painting has more of the color pink on it, use pink color more on other things in the room. Add pink quilt, bed spreads, cushion covers and so on.

Some Ideas to Place The Abstract Art Paintings the Right Way

  • You can use an abstract art on the entry on your doorway. Before purchasing an artwork, make sure you know what dimensions are you looking for and what tone of the paintings you want because these 2 aspects are important. At the end, you need something that will look good hanging there and draws attention from people.
  • Instead of settling for the same strips that are used in the abstract art, try using paintings that have waves as they draw more attention.
  • Experiment with colors and different textures.

At the end, remember, a home makeover is a fun time, you don’t need to stress about it. The artwork, whether abstract art or anything else, can really bring out a new look for your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment, after all, it’s all about trial and error.






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