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Misconceptions about art have slayed many creative souls. To keep a creative person away from expressing himself is like killing him with slow poison. All the art myths must be exterminated now that are drilled into one’s head. Here are some of the mistaken beliefs.

  1. You must be naturally talented to craft creative art.

This is the most terrific excuse I have ever heard and usually from people who either do not have dream of their own or could not pursue one for some reason.

It’s too irrational to say that artists are born in heavens and sent to earth to cherish the rest of the lot. In reality, as we grow our interests start to develop and so do the creativity. Yes, they should contain artistic seeds to cultivate and for me, every normal person born with some. If not, he can plant and nourish at any stage of his life.

  1. With disability, you can never be an artist:

Dear all, with this ridiculous statement, please get a life. Open your browser and do search for the disabled artists. You will find plenty of them with impressive achievements on their record. For example, handicapped Leanne Beetham renowned as mouth artist is creating wonders; Chuck Close with prosopagnosia (face blindness) disability is famous as one of the leading contemporary portrait artists from America and many more.

If their talent and fame cannot convince you then no one can ever make it happen. God may bless you.

  1. Without an art degree, you cannot make a handsome living:

Who said you so? Right, I agree that going to an art school and getting a degree to upgrade your credibility is a good thing to follow up. But this by no means supports the viewpoint to nerds that if you do not have some official authentication of your skills as painter you cannot make a good living.

Can anyone assure that all graduates from art school will have an awesome career in creative art? However, there are lot many people without any formal education but they are making a nice living as portrait artists or digital surrealism artists etc. Training does matter but it’s not a rigid rule. Your passion for art will surely help you to succeed as an artist.

  1. You need to invest a lot to become an artist:

Now this misconception is so lame and I wonder why people don’t realize that only few dollars of investment can return a nice profit. Want to learn but cannot pay to join art institution then lucky you are being born in an era of technological advancement.

Learn from online available free tutorials. As you learn the basics and essential techniques, you can create fantastic works. You can start with graphite pencil drawing and then move forward with affordable paints and other accessories. Success may take time to reach you and hence you need to show consistency in whatever you do.

  1. Being a painter is not a real job:

Really you think this way?  I need you all to define the job. If someone is bringing enough income home to support his family and lifestyle then the way of earning really doesn’t matter until it’s illegal. Let’s say, John is earning $40,000 per year by working in oil company and peter makes the equal amount in same span being an artist. What say? Peter has no real job? Commit to memory, talented artists can make more money than standard occupations.

Dump all absurd excuses and free your mind from these silly myths and start to spread the enchantment of your artistic expression with confidence. It might take time but this is not something impossible to turn into reality.

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