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Cognitive ability, perceptions and imaginations are all part of one’s mind. It is the application of this imagination and creative skills that differentiate a person from another.

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It is perceived that visual expression such as a sculpture or painting is one of the best and most sought forms of arts in the world. Buying paintings from world’s renowned artists are not only an interest but a sign of nobility for many. People perceive themselves to be privileged investing in such forms of art because they understand the value of it.

Dubai has emerged as a city of contemporary art. It is one of the cultural capitals. The art galleries in Dubai have the original collection of world’s renowned artists. Not only this, but the annual world Art Dubai festival is also a perfect location for all the art enthusiasts. There are more than 3000 paintings for sale to choose from.  Moreover, art lovers can not only just look for prints, sculptures and photographs that are displayed but also meet artists and enjoy a conversation with them.

For your interests, we have gathered a list of the collection that every art lover should have from this Cultural city of art. But, make sure that when you are looking for a painting, you go for the original piece by the artist.

Subject of Art:

  • Landscape painting:

    Landscape painting, depicts nature on its canvas. Tall trees, lush mountains, green valleys, beautiful waterfalls, dark forests are some scenes captured in a landscape painting. The sky is usually an element in landscape paintings. Artists in the form of landscape painting depict solace and peace in places unadulterated by men. Some paintings also capture a landscape in the artist’s mind which again symbolize serenity and peace.

  • Abstract art:

    can be a painting or sculpture that is very different from what it shows. It expresses emotions, feelings and thoughts of the artist. From colors, to brush strokes, to tones and the canvas; the painting speaks in volumes. It is left open to interpretations. A way that cannot be understood by a naked Due to its popularity, abstract art is worth millions of dollars.

  • Wildlife art:

    One of the most emerging forms of art, wildlife art is inspired by conservation of nature and its species. It also shows the relationship of humans with nature and how both are closely related and dependable. These paintings usually capture species that are endangered, or depict the natural habitats and predatory patterns of animals.

  • Nude art:

    A form of art that emerged from the West that expresses the beauty of men and women in their truest form that is when they are nude.

Art defines nature, its creatures and all the beautiful imaginations that we craft in our mind. Art is a way through which cultures and traditions have survived. If you are genuine lover of art, you should surely take out some time for visiting art galleries of well-known artists in Dubai and purchase a piece that appeals to you!

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