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For an inexperienced art enthusiast, the world of art can be a rather intimidating place. There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to styles and themes of modern art paintings. Hence, sometimes forming a preference is not that easy when you take into account the benefits of each art style and how they can provide you with distinct and profound emotional experiences.

The Best Option for the Inexperienced:

Portrait paintings in Dubai are a great option for people that are just starting out and want to get used to the various styles of art before deciding on one that conforms to their preferences. This style of painting is usually quite simple in its subject matters, but the use of colors, contrasting shades, textures, and strokes can be absolutely astounding. Suzi Nassif is one of the Dubai famous artists who brilliantly manages to create some truly incredible portraits, and as one of the spearheads of Dubai’s artistic movement has garnered praise for the emotion she manages to capture in her paintings.

Portrait paintings in Dubai enable you to acquire a sense of what figurative art is all about, familiarizing you with the objectively progressive elements commonly found throughout the various styles of portraiture regardless of their absolute goals.

An Experience for the More Adventurous:               

If you are new and want to be bold in your choices or if you are a seasoned art connoisseur and want to experience something profound and intriguing, you can buy abstract art in Dubai to facilitate this experience.

abstract art in Dubai

One of the Dubai famous artists that accomplishes the complex aesthetic of abstract art with virtuosity and grace is Suzi Nassif. The well-known veteran’s surreal paintings are well known to anyone that wants to buy abstract art in Dubai, so she needs no introduction as far as her importance in the artistic community of this city is concerned.

The thing about abstract art is that it provides something unique that you simply cannot get with other styles of art. Whereas other styles are known for their rigorous and sometimes heavy handed use of classical techniques, abstract art is highly different in this regard.  It celebrates the modern, something that goes together perfectly with one of the most modern cities in the world-Dubai.

The Choice You Have to Make:                       

The first thing you need to understand is that there is no right or wrong answer here. What you choose is based on your own preference, so even if you do not like abstract art that does not place you lower in the hierarchy of art lovers at all. Portrait painting is enjoyed by some of the most high end connoisseurs in the world. So, if this is what you prefer it is a perfectly genuine preference and you should certainly follow your instincts.

The purpose the art would serve is also important. Is it decoration for your home or is it something you are buying for its emotional significance? Each of these things is going to have a different impact on the choice you make.

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