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Every one can’t afford expensive famous surreal art but, due to your love for the art, if you have decided to purchase an expensive yet an incredible art then you should know the difference between the fake and real art. A lot of art galleries put replicas in place of the real ones without telling the customers. Buying replica in place of the real one in the same amount is just like burning your money. It is important for you to know whether the black and white art in Dubai that you are going to purchase is real or is just a replica. Keep reading the article and know about some important tips that can prove to be useful for you while getting your hands on any art work.

Spotting the Real and Replica Art:

  • In case you have selected some portrait paintings in Dubai then before purchasing, try to hold that pieces in the light. You will also need a magnifying glass. It is an important tool for spotting the real art work. So, hold the magnifying glass and while keeping the art work in light, see the brush stroke at the painting. A real modern art painting will always have the prominent brush strokes. However, the brush strokes may differ in the texture or sizes. Just make sure to have a look on brush strokes. If you are not able to see any brush strokes then that painting is probably the fake one.


  • Now, while holding the painting in light, look from the backside of painting as well. Through the backside of the canvas, you should notice the variations in the light coming through. This is due to the fact that the artists utilize different degrees of the impasto. In case you can’t notice any variation in light then that painting might be the fake one.


  • In case you want to buy acrylic paintings in Dubai, you should also check for the artist’s signature on the painting that is most likely to be at the down right corner of the piece. Check them with magnifying glass as well because the signature should have some dimensions in it as it is signed with the real paint. If it doesn’t then the painting might be a replica.


  • A lot of artists use water colors in their paintings. It is very difficult to spot the difference between the real and fake one in case that the painting is made with water colors. So, if you are going to purchase a water color painting then you should buy it from a well reputed gallery or should show it to some expert before purchasing.


  • Last thing, which is very important to spot the difference, is to have knowledge about the artist work whose painting you are going to buy. If you are going to buy a painting of any Dubai award winning artist, then you should know about his/her previous works. Research on their work and have an idea of what kind of paintings the artist makes or what color they use. If you find any variation in the painting you are going to buy then ask an expert about it.

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