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Paint brushes are essential accessories for an artist. These were once considered as the main intuitive tool for artists, you must have your favorite brushes too. But do you know that new-age gears are now available that can replenish your old painting brushes for the sake of same natural strokes and robotic efficiency? If you are not aware, check the tools discussed here with outline details.

Commonly pencil, paintbrush, ink-tools and airbrushes are called basic painting tools that can be used with the intuitive notion of “painting” with a brush and it adds vivacity to your artwork.

The Pencil Tool & Paintbrush:

Pencil and paintbrushes work in a similar way with a fine line of difference. Pencil tool will neither impose anti-aliasing effect nor can it produce fuzzy images. With the pencil tool, you can be self-assured that all pixels in the brush outline will be reformed accurately the way you have planned. If you take a note on recently displayed Acrylic painting collection in Dubai, you will find the work of pencil tool with best refinement.

Alternatively, you can use the paintbrush tool for creating fuzzy brush strokes. You will get to create strokes using the brush tool with better ease.

Airbrush Tools

The Airbrush tool replicates a custom airbrush. This tool is appropriate to paint soft color zones and it adds a great effect on the artwork especially on acrylic base.

Ink Tool

The Ink tool customs a replication of an ink pen with a manageable nib to paint solid brush strokes with an anti-aliased verge. The size, shape, and angle of the nib can be customized to regulate how the strokes will be done with super fine condensed effect.

Other Tools That Can Swop Your Paintbrush

There are some other tools that can replenish your paintbrush especially where creating special effects are concerned. These are:

  • Bucket Fill: Fills with color or rectifies patterns.
  • Gradients: Fills with pitch/ascent with is termed as a gradient.
  • Eraser: Deletes with best accuracy.
  • Clone Tool: Replicates with robotic efficiency.
  • Perspective Tool: Copies an image with changes perspectives.
  • Heal Tool: Rectifies small mistakes.
  • Convolve Tool: It adds sharpening effect.
  • Smudge Tool: It adds smearing effect.
  • Dodge/Burn tool: It adds either light or dark effect on color shading.

All these tools, most of the digital types, are found with the pressure sensitivity feature that ensures same mastery of paint brush use that you have acquired by your painting skill. Surprising…isn’t it?


In one way you can find that there are multiple tools that can swap a traditional paintbrush. But one thing is evident, unless you are intuitive enough, using these tools instead of a paintbrush can be tricky any time.

However, the ultimate effect matters! If you have displayed an acrylic painting in a Dubai art gallery and a buyer wants to buy that, he will check mostly the visual effect! Unless for critic’s collection, the trend to buy acrylic painting in Dubai hardly matters on the use of manual paintbrush or robotic tools! That is a big advantage after all.

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