by developer

Not all the days are creative and not every single time a portrait artist is inspired to make a fascinating slice of art. Just envision how difficult would be the creation of an abstract art where no objective expression is involved.

Everything emerges from a sound idea, a potential theme and these concepts are resultant of inspiration of some kind. It could be a human gesture, a dream, child art and much more. Nature is, however, always the premium source of inspiration.

Remember, nature talks only to clear minds powered by sharp observation. Nature is the only way to have a burst of inspiration.  Even digital surrealism artists create amazing artworks by getting a hint from their surrounding environments and natural ambience.

Living in fast life of Dubai, if you cannot get enough time to get outdoors or to go for beach walk or a boat ride to enjoy the Mother Nature, just visit famous artist websites. You will have so much natural beauty there, to take pleasure in, that most of time we miss out on every day. Isn’t it appealing?  Surely, it is because artists usually portrays from the natural settings around them. You can also do the same. Here I picked few examples for your ease.

Birds Chirping Around Dry Shrub:

As you change the way to look around this theme, you can have bundles of ideas. For instance, you can paint a colorful lines and patterns replacing the shrubs and a caged bird like thing in it. Your technique and material you choose will help you to bring refinement in your abstract artwork.

If I have change it into abstract painting, I will craft it according to the inspiration of ‘Pleasure’ I am getting from happy birds even they do not have floral beauty around.

A Small Stone on Wet Sand of Beach:

Ignore the big picture and actual objects and look for details in this scenario. Check out the stone texture, you may find unique curves therein. Focus on shapes and patterns of the wet sand, you may find a crawler’s trail marks at the opposite edge of the stone. Rolling around, you may find it there because it’s the safest place for survival.

Yes, I find the motivation of ‘Survival’ herein.

Honey-Collecting Bee Hovering Over Flowers:  

You might not have observed this scene close enough to decipher every little detail or might be the bee in hurry. In such case, you can use your imagination and can add a lot to it while converting into an abstract art.

Here ‘Struggle’ appeals me.

Bottom Line:

Forget the thought that inspiration will come to you like a flash light. Remember, it is much more about the hard graft. Train your eyes to see the world afresh.

There are days when an artist feels barren and uninspired to create something stunning. But, nature will surely help you to safe your creativity from exhaustion  and getting your rhythm back. In many ways nature inspires the abstract artists and art galleries in Dubai contain great pieces of such attractive artworks by world famous abstract creators.