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Painting abstract art is a deep form of expressive art known by a lot of creative people. It is an art that could mean one thing to one person and something else to another. It is one of the most ancient forms of art as that was introduced in mid 20s.

Abstract art and its entire process can be said to be dynamic, physical, emotional and intellectual. To an abstract artist, the very art to us is – all about freedom and joy. We love the eccentricity, dreamlike quality and the fantasy they can bring to any abstract setting or water colour. As an abstract artist or someone looking up to becoming one, you have to learn how to give your creative intuition free reign whenever you start out on any new painting and be able to wait to see what emerges.

Abstract art takes more than merely putting colour on a canvas, or pouring colours on it. It involves much more than looking for something within the paint as it incorporates itself. It is indeed a blend of what is known as intuitive painting; this is what actually makes the art more in form and controlled.

To paint a good abstract art you must copy every little detail from life and paint it to the canvas. In reality all arts can be termed as abstracts as they are not actual objects. Artist may prefer abstract art because it is free from every rule and it only represents the creativity and emotions of that artist.

Naturally, the art composition will unfold itself, and the shapes will take form and become interesting in and of themselves, without even referencing to the original matter.

When someone is feeling some sort of strong emotion, it can be easily and creatively expressed by colour, line and form. Paying full attention to any composition with deep interest, focus and energy, will produce the abstract art that everyone will see as amazing!

In the whole sense, abstract art unlike realism; is simply – the informal combination of elements. The artist’s individual signature has to be in there, as just as an author develops her own niche/voice, so also does an abstract painter/artist. It is about creating an atmosphere within which boundaries between the real and the imagined are blurred or deemed non-existent.

While Geometric abstractionists laid emphasis on the critical motive behind a painting, Abstract expressionists gave preference to the act of painting itself. Art evolved into abstraction when artists began refining specific visual elements such as line, color and shape, in order to create a poetic reconstruction of the original subjects found in nature. However elementary they may seem, the key to understanding abstraction is to find out what the lines, shapes and squiggles of color represent.

Abstract Art is about exploring; it’s about giving new meanings to existing objects and finding new ways to express ideas. Great artworks are the milestones of this exploration – they are not significant because they are pretty, they are significant because at one point in time they introduced something new to the world.

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