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Creative art generation is a long term commitment and you might feel stuck in a rut. For the reason that it is an endless cycle wherein you need to paddle persistently or you will be out of the game. None of the portrait artists can say that he or she never faced this problem.

To feel stagnant for short interval is a normal thing that’s quite unavoidable and happens to almost all people from all walks of life. From abstract art to surreal art, all artists including digital surrealism artists have faced this situation at least once in a life time if not so often. But, they faced it.

Every now and then, I sense the same. Here are some ways of combating artist’s block, that’s what I call it.

  1. Give yourself a Pause:

First and foremost action is to take a break from your work. Yes, if you step away from routinely done artwork for few days chances are high to grasp and bring in more creativity as you return to your abstract expressionism.

As you give yourself a pause from your hectic schedule, I can assure that you will be more refreshed, energetic and excited about getting back to your brush, colors and canvas.

  1. Why you outset in the first place:

The second important thing is to remind yourself of what made you keen in abstract art creation. It could be your need of money or to earn fame, or anything but certainly your passion is the major reason.

Spend some time to revive your eagerness and invest energies to rekindle your enthusiasm by returning to painting books, portrait artists, resourceful ideas and so forth that have motivated you on your innovatively creative adventure.

  1. Backpedal to Basics:

It is good to appreciate the way your creativity and artwork has evolved and flourished. However, sometimes getting back to rudiments and to re-experience the early joys that got you started will help you to wake up the real you.

Factually, over the time, creativity and working style of abstract to portrait artists and also the surrealist artists considerably changes over time. Do not miss the key aspects of how you used to work and try to integrate them in your existent creative art practices.

Every once in a while, I love to return to my pen, pencils, crayons and the sketchbook to re-live my artwork basics. Trust me it rejuvenates as no other thing can do.

  1. Go with something new and inventive:

Find something new to add a little fervor into your regular artwork and standard approach. By ‘New’, I mean new painting form, fresh idea or a new place to paint. Painting artists usually prefer to work in their studios away from all noise.

A new place can give you a pleasant kick start to inject excitement into your mind-numbing days.    

Do not give up on your creative path and keep to move forward using these ideas.

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