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Dealing with criticism on art is indeed an intricate hold. Nobody likes criticism especially on a creation; this is applicable for an artist as well. However the dilemma is, unlike others, an artist cannot forgo the critics’ opinion bestowed on his artwork. Not because this is the forte of the art connoisseurs, but listening/working on the criticism is the only way to impose more refinement and aesthetics on his artwork.

6 Ways To Deal With Criticism On Your Art

Therefore, if you are an artist it is utmost important for you to know the mastery of handling criticism.

  1. Know Your Status

On the other hand, knowing the critical view on an artwork will help you to determine your current status in the modern art world. Buyers prior to buy abstract expressionism art usually take a look at the artwork from critic’s perspective, so knowing the criticism and its inherent importance will matter a lot for you.

  1. Be Open to Criticism

Being open to criticism you can rather pave for a wider scale of reach…so you need to know the way to perceive them for betterment in your next creative effort. It is important to identify the source of the criticism and then keep on analyzing the feedback.

  1. Finding Right Emotion Handling

Wassily Kandinsky had explained a nice solution about handling criticism. According to him, ‘every artist is a servant of art’. Hence, like a servant, an artist help the cause of art and with this mindset he could easily tame his ego to deal better with criticism. Because he knows that it will help him to improve the quality of his work.

As a creative artist, you need to learn the way criticism sparks the better side of your creativity, it’s like a punch on your creative nerve and it works. Therefore, it is important to process the right emotion to handle right with the criticism.

  1. Identifying The Resource To Evaluate

In Dubai, there are plenty of quality art galleries and all these art arcades are the places where best display of contemporary portrait art is found to enjoy. If your artwork is placed in any of these art galleries, very common that these places will be visited by hundreds of buyers and art critics who are really interested to check your work! Their opinion will define your audience as well as will decide your buyers too.

  1. Try To Be Actively Creative

However, the main impetus behind handling criticism is to overlook its harsh side and take notes on its quick-witted side. If someone says that you or portrait sucks, keep on smiling…that at least it looks like a portrait that audience is well aware. Now work on it and next time, make it better considering the critical point.

  1. Neglect the Envious Fault-Finders

Work on the truth imbedded and if there is any animosity, just overlook it with pure smile. Now try to create something more amazing!

Get yourself amused with the world of imagination and that will make your creation something more unique. Artwork that invokes criticism must have some mettle in it.

Final Thought:

How to handle criticism is a personal subject and the treatment may vary from one person to another. There is no alternative of self-learning: visit some of the famous artist websites, and go through their blogs. You will get to know how they handle their emotions in front of criticism.


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