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The elements of art are the essential parts of creating any art work. It is difficult to make the best art work without utilizing minimum one of the all elements of art. So in order to create the perfect piece of art, an artist must have the capacity to astutely utilize the art’s elements. Any art work can likewise be analyzed depending upon the utilization of the elements in it.

The seven elements of art and the way to analyze them are given below:

  1. Line:

    A line is one of the basic elements of art. In simple words, we can describe a line in a way that a line can be seen as a point that moves. The most widely recognized utilization of line is demonstrating where an object has ended. This sort of line is known as a shape line. Shape lines are most normally called outlines. Line can be of any thickness and by changing the quality, any artist can create an artwork by just using a line.

  2. Shape:

    A shape is made when a line is encased. Shape is one of the seven elements of creating an art and it has an assortment of uses in the making of any art work. Shapes can assume vital parts in the formation of art works. They help to make complex illustrations and artworks, influence compositions, and add to the balance within an art work.

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  3. Form:

    Form alludes to objects that are 3 Dimensional, or contain some length, width, as well as height. The world in which we live is made up completely of forms. Artists have a good comprehension of form and how to make the deception of form in paintings or drawings.

  4. Value:

    Value of the art manages the softness or dimness of any color. Since we see some objects and comprehend them on account of how dim or light they are, value is very essential in art works. We see things due to the reason that light reflects off of items and falls on us. Our mind forms the light and defends what we are seeing. Without light, we can’t see anything. So, it is an important element in all the art work.

  5. Space:

    With regards to the art works, space is the whole area around, above as well as inside of an item or object. With regards to the paintings and sketches, any good artist can make the illustration of space.

  6. Texture:

    It is a component of art work that alludes to the way a thing feels when we touch. A 3D object alludes to the way it feels when we touch while the 2D Texture alludes to the way it looks as it might feel. There are other textures also such as matte, rough, smooth and visual etc.

  7. Colors:

    Color is the element of art that alludes to reflected light. Color has an effect over how we feel about items, how we carry on, and how our bodies respond to conditions. It is one of the most important elements in paintings.

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