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When a new artist begins his journey into the world of art he brings his own sensibility, creativity, and abilities. He has a set on inspirations and ideas, with which he creates his art pieces. Each work of an artist is a unique expression of all these things, which makes them one of the kind.

If you are also a beginner, and want to know about some tips on being one of the best artists, and some canvas painting tips, here is all you need to know.

Journey of an Artist:

Before starting, you need to know that it is not always a free way to an artwork. There are some basic standards and rules that need to be followed in order to be a successful artist, and to get the desired results for your work.

Preparation of work and material used:

This is the mistake that most artists make in the very beginning. They start with the process of painting itself too early. This is not the right way to start. It is important for you to figure out the environment and the instruments to be used in painting. You don’t need to choose the right set of brushes, paints, canvas (Pre-stretched canvas is the best option, and a black slate the worst option). If you have studied canvas painting enough, you would have heard about a well known canvas painting technique called “Toned ground” or ” color ground “.This is one of the most fundamental techniques in canvas painting, where the white canvas is colored with solid paints. The technique should be known by every beginner artist.

Start by simple designs:

Most of the beginners try to copy the work of other artists, and thus in the beginning of the career, fail to create any impression. They should start experimenting and working on simple designs first, it could be a simple basic flower design in order to set their hands on the canvas and the new instruments and then work on the bigger structures.

Know about your work and instruments:

Prior knowledge about the basics of art is important before you begin your work professionally. For example how much to dilute acrylic colors. Now not a lot of beginners know that generally only 40 or 50% percent of water is accepted by most of manufacturers. Also it is important to dilute the most prominent adhesive features so that it attaches to the paint properly. Also you need to have information about different type of brushes. The classic paint brush is also important to know.

Learn to mix up tones and create transitions:

By combining a number of paints and textures, you can create unique and new designs on your canvas. There is no need to look up for new ideas every time, or buy new expensive art boxes for creating transitions.

Originality is the key for any beginner:

The more original ideas you use, the more are the chances of you becoming a greater and successful artist in the future.



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