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Suzi Nassif is a contemporary portrait artist who has created numerous tremendous pieces of portrait artwork. Portrait art is a form of art that dates back to the ancient Egyptians times. This form of art has evolved over the ages; since those early ages although not much has changed as the themes remain unchanged.

The meaning of the term ‘portrait art’ remains unclear in most people’s minds as there is no definite explanation of it. For most people, the simple definition of portrait art could be any art in the form of sculpture, painting, photography, installation, audio performance or video art.

Suzi Nassif and her Portrait art

Born in Lebanon at the height of the civil war, Suzi Nassif experienced firsthand violence at a very tender age. She had a talent in art and specifically painting which was with her and she started perfecting at a very tender age. She fled her native country of Lebanon and went to the UAE where she continues to create various works of art including portrait art. Suzi Nassif paintings are well-known all over the world for the uniqueness that they exhibit and extreme quality evident in them.

Portraiture like it is commonly referred to by professionals, has made a big part of our lives. Artists use various items to create portrait art including woody panels or canvas to tell a story. Suzi Nassif is a modern day female portrait artist who has perfected her art skills and now creates some of the best portrait art in the world. Suzi Nassif is a contemporary artist who is very talented. She uses paintings to tell stories of different people. Her portrait paintings reveal and portray a person’s inner self with a unique style.

Suzi gets her inspiration from the things she sees, experiences she sees on other and also from her very own experiences. She also gets inspired by famous artists who left a mark in the history of art such as Salvador Dali. In fact it was from the inspiration she got from Salvador Dali that she created various art pieces of nude surrealism.

Every of the portrait art painting that Suzi has created exhibit a unique expression that invites the viewer to unravel each story that is behind the painting. Suzi Nassif is unique kind of artist who likes to observe expressions of people in different situations. She likes to create paintings that look extremely inquisitive to her. This is what helps to set her work apart from the other pieces of portrait artwork from the other artists. All the art creations that she has created usually look just so marvelous and irresistible to the viewers.

The contemporary art that Suzi creates now although modern, have so many aspects of the portrait works of art that were created in the past. This is something that makes the pieces that she creates unique and special so that everybody else wants to get and sample the.

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