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Surrealism dates back as early as the 1920s when the Surrealism movement, which meant to combine unrelated events and images in a dreamscape manner began. Surreal art is a complicated form of art that portrays images with deeper and mysterious meanings or messages. The art itself is thought provoking for its observer as it indulges you into unearthing the message behind the image.

Surreal Art aims to express the imagination that is revealed in dreams that defies conscious control of convention and reason.

All those aspiring artists looking for an inspiration to get involved in surreal art, here are a few tips to get some ideas:

  1. Combining a living and an inanimate object:

Think of any living thing; be it a human, an animal or even an insect. Just look at your surroundings and take any living being as the inspiration for your image.

Next, take an inanimate object. You can either pluck one out of your imagination or look around and pick any thing: a light bulb, a chair, a television screen, it can be anything.

Just combine the two things in a drawing in any way your imagination takes you and you have your surreal art.

  1. Combining two or more living objects:

Two living objects of the same type or different ones can be brought together to bring a surreal image to life.

You can play with the characteristics of different beings and add to the other, for instance the wings of an eagle can be attached to a human to form a new picture.

  1. Combining landscapes with living objects:

Take any landscape and you can personify it into your masterpiece. Just add any of the attribute of a living thing to your masterpiece and you can come up with something as wild as your imagination.

You can choose anything for a landscape from mountains to waterfalls, cityscapes to meadows; take any landscape and add a physical attribute of a human or an animal like a human head on a tree trunk. The more you imagine the better results you get.

  1. Combining landscape with technology:

From mountains to lakes and from streams to valleys, think of any landscape. Add your landscape to any technological element or even a mechanical one.

It’s all about being imaginative and creative. You can pop a soldering iron atop a mountain or a tap at the base of a waterfall. It all adds up to surreal art.

  1. Combining a living object with technology:

This time add those technological and mechanical elements to a living thing you choose. Adding a piston to a human face or an integrated circuit for an animal torso would give a beautiful surreal effect.

  1. Making an object bigger than it is in real life:

Little objects, whether living or non-living can be depicted as much greater ones with respect to normal sized objects to give a surreal effect. For instance, a giant ant overlooking a normal sized human would create the right surreal image.

  1. Making an object smaller than it is in real life:

A being as huge as an elephant, when portrayed as a miniature creature would present as a surreal image.

Surrealism is all about your imagination; the more you explore it the better results you get. Click here to view famous surreal art.

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